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[UPDATE] PS Vita firmware 2.11 is now live

PS Plus gets free Malicious, steep Grand Theft Auto discounts on April 16

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WRUP: Two months 'til E3

WRUP Two months 'til E3

was already very full and we are now two months of the E3, which is regularly show reveals. Sony is sure of the details of his plans for the PS4, Nintendo may finally justify the Wii U and Microsoft ... yes, they do have to shake it? Publishers also showed all their fantastic new games.

What's everyone playing this weekend? Joystiq
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WRUP: Two months until E3

PS4: Drive Club dev details contributions to DualShock 4 design

Evolution and Guerrilla Games have worked closely with Sony.

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PSN Tuesday: Dead Island Riptide, Star Trek, Thomas Was Alone

PSN Tuesday Dead Island Riptide, Star Trek, Thomas Was Alone
updated the PlayStation Store this week includes four complete games, two new PSN Vita games to three. The complete series are Star Trek SoulCalibur 5, Dead Island Riptide and
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII
while the PSN is God Mode and Thomas
Thomas Only Buy

Cruz is a game, it is also now available on Vita, with Joystiq
Slasher Draw


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Retro Vault: Castle of Illusion and Bart vs The Space Mutants

More. Moonwalker, Spitting Image and Mario behind Sony

Retro Vault is our weekly column in which we immerse ourselves in the last five games and sharing nuggets of classic retro nostalgia. Retro Vault If you missed last week can be read here.

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Invizimals: The Alliance Vita trailer shows augmented reality

one of two new titles coming this year Invizimalz.

xdev Studios, Sony Europe launch of two new games Invizimals on PlayStation platforms this year, and below is the first trailer for one of them - Invizimals : Alliance Vita

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New DC Universe Online DLC hitting May


content to be called crisis origin, to explore "what-if" scenarios in the history and new raids, adds source operations hero / villain, and new equipment.

Fight alternate and possibly evil counterparts of Batman and Superman on this upcoming DLC.

fans still play DC Universe Online will see the new content during the month of May as a DLC pack called the origin of the crisis.


other counterparts and perhaps evil Batman and Superman in the next DLC.

  • As stated in Sony online forums, scenarios DLC explore "what if" to allow players to travel through alternative histories at different time scales. Missions include treatment with another Batman is an assassin for hire working for Superman and Lex Luthor antagonist. The game's story takes place after Brainiac was defeated in the previous DLC.
  • DLC Other features include a new energy regulator quantum, two new raids, two new heroes and operation of evil origin, and two new challenges simulation alone. Players can also find new types of fishing gear, including five speed levels PvE.
the package will be a free download and will be available in May for PC and PS3.

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PlayStation Store March sales charts

most popular digital games in Europe and North America.

Sony released the best-selling downloadable games on the PlayStation Store in March.

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Special Feature | Why Game Developers Are Flocking to Sony and Fleeing From Microsoft

Special Feature | Why Game Developers Are Flocking to Sony and Fleeing From Microsoft

'God of War: Ascension' Update 1.04 Raises Level Caps, Improves Matchmaking

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0x10c has been put 'on ice' at the moment, says Mojang

space next game Mojang 0x10c is one of those projects that you are not fully understood, but much of what

able to understand the potentially great sounds. Described as "a kind of space adventure, first Persony-running-around-trying-to-keep-the-boat-around game," says designer Markus Persson polygon " not really all fun but it feels like it could be fun because there is nothing to do there yet. "

was in the air, if the title will actually complete liberation. When asked if he wanted to, Persson said. " depends if I'll just be me and I feel that this kind of pressure still rare Really no pressure is just a funny creative block that lasts a long time and [ 0x10c

] will be put on ice until that we can solve this problem. "

0x10c has been put 'on ice' at the moment, says Mojang screenshot He continued to describe the complexity of the game - almost everything on his boat, computers and everything will be "in a real sense" - saying: "

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Conception: Please Have My Baby gets sequel on 3DS, Vita



? Yes, PSP dungeon crawler where the protagonist must save the world by having children with a dozen heavenly maidens magic. Well, it is a sequel, and Spike Chunsoft publisher seems interested in what the West title.

Conception: Please Have My Baby gets sequel on 3DS, Vita screenshot

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Cosplay Mob Immortalized in New Anime

In the past, the Tokyo Game Show cosplay relegated to the corridors between the main halls of the convention center (next TGS seems to be different). The rooms were always full of cosplayers, and people. Sometimes things can be a little scary when they are surrounded cosplayers. A little? Make sure


Next photo is apparently from the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. Online in Japan, the picture becomes a bit notorious for how to represent the male cosplayers photographers swarmed around women.

The last episode Japanese anime

Photo Kano

same as the picture brought to life in animated form (above).
2 channels, bulletin largest in Japan, people say moving image and the original image is a "full match" (or kanzen Icchi
or ?? ? ??). They are similar, but the anime version, however, seems much too sanitized.
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How a tiny indie studio got noticed by PlayStation

Obviously Sony is all about all manufacturers of indie games possible. They were doing all kinds of developers on board for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and above. Most of the games that we have seen advertising for Sony platforms were for independent studies are mostly familiar, but it is not enough for Sony.

are even courting beautiful small indie guys like Muteki Corporation, creators behind the first imaginary dragon

and after

Dragon Fantasy II

How a tiny indie studio got noticed by PlayStation screenshot. The

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Original Dragon Fantasy coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita

Dragon Fantasy II

retro is a wonderful tribute to the glory days of SNES RPGs. We know that is exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita soon, but what about the first game?

Original Dragon Fantasy coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita screenshot Well, I spoke with Adam Rippon's creator during PAX East and he said that the original game is both Sony platforms too. The team decided to remake the original, while continuing to work away in the sequel, and we can expect the first

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GS - News: Atari Founder says Xbox 720 Will Win

Nolan Bushnell Sony tools called "Lame"

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God of War: Ascension update to raise level cap and more

The next update

God of War: Ascension

address some issues with the multiplayer mode, and add some features. For starters, Sony Santa Monica's intention to increase the level cap from 30 to 40, while the addition of an article, two relics, and the end of all stripes magic Thurs

1.04 update also adds the ability to view statistics in the main menu, refers to problems down audio, promises matchmaking easier and solutions to get the Spear of Destiny and barbarian Hammer together with other tweaks weapons shard drops

God of War: Ascension update to raise level cap and more screenshot Hopefully this support will continue in the coming months. Play again

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Microsoft Studios creative director dismisses 'always-on' console concerns

Adam Orth, creative director of the gaming division of Microsoft, not "get around the drama of having a console" always on " . "Orth took to Twitter yesterday to publicly reject the criticism of consoles always online, probably in response to Kotaku sources recently saying that the next generation Xbox will need an Internet connection to play.
Although Orth has protected your account, your tweets are screencapped on Reddit and NeoGAF. Orth, who has been with Microsoft for 15 months after having previously worked at LucasArts and PopCap, started a lively debate on Twitter: "Sorry, I have no drama around having a console" "always on Each device now .'s "always on. "This is the world in which we live # dealwithit" Orth even said he wants each unit is "always on".
attention the heir Manveer BioWare, who tweeted back "Did you learn anything

Diablo III


you know some people right? face is a fucking reason. "

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God of War: Ascension update increases level cap, fixes audio glitches


God of War: Ascension
Update 1.04 multiplayer of

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Epic: PS4 is a really perfect gaming PC

Mark Rein of Epic Games believes that the PlayStation 4 as a simple console

not. Echoing similar sentiments at Avalanche Studios, Rein believes that the PS4 is a PC game with more memory on computers less engaged. In fact, he calls


PC games. "When you think of Windows, even Windows for most people is associated with about 2 GB of addressable memory space," he told CVG. "It really opens up beyond what most computers can do, because most PC running a 32-bit Windows.

Epic: PS4 is a really perfect gaming PC  screenshot "It's like giving you the best in the world ...

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Another Castle is coming along pretty nicely

If you're excited about the next project a successful Kickstarter another castle

, demo then this product is for you. It is a little longer than the revelation of the original video, and goes a little deeper with the game mechanics in the first levels of the game

Another Castle is coming along pretty nicely screenshot

David Cage interview: 'We have to live with the things that make us different'

Quantic Dream discusses creative inspiration creative director PS3 project more:. Two Souls

not gone unnoticed that outside Paris studio Quantic Dream is a protected a homeless person sleeping in. A Sony PR post says as we walk to the end the study visit.

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Double Fine experimenting with PS4 following Sony approach

Tim Schafer said support platform asked what she wanted to study the console.

Double Fine experimenting with PS4 after being contacted by Sony to make games for the system.

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Breaking in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate before it breaks me

In a new weekly column, writer Bob Mackey alternate between two of his passions: Japanese RPG genre and classic games. "Before registering complaints to the administration, do not forget one thing: I'm new here," says Mackey
jump to any forum video games nowadays, and you do not run out of people willing to teach the intricacies of Monster Hunter . I'm sure a lot of these fans have been there for years, but - as with the recent Nintendo Fire Emblem: Awakening
- this latest version has brought a period relevant for a series that has never had the same impact in the United States as it did in Japan. It's not like Capcom had to try so hard,
Last Monster Hunter 3 is also an improved version of one year, three Wii games, fell into a reporting period that could be tumbleweeds rolling down the home screen of my Wii U. So

believe that the game is not so great -. Well, it's something to play

Wii UWii U I've always been a bit wary of Monster Hunter, even though some of my favorite series took particular ball and ran Capcom with him for the sake of capturing the attention of the user sound basis for Monster Hunter. Both Dragon Quest and Metal Gear booty collected led approach Monster Hunter, the fun size, but for the most part, still have one player as a viable option. Do not deal with the adhoc party terrible God, the only way I would be able to enjoy Monster Hunter before Wii UWii U Last 3 Wii U
is less ideal configurations of In a way the organization of a group of friends with PSP - statistical impossibility - or convince the group that their Wii could be used to play games online -

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Multiplayer Presentation of

done a fantastic job of putting this rumor to bed.


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DayZ console port 'almost certain'

Zombie survival game should see life on consoles, the PC version is always a hit.

League Hall creator Dean "Rocket" said a console version of the zombie survival game open world is "almost certain" whenever the next independent release in PC gaming n ' is not a commercial disaster.

"I certainly think that if we do not do, for lack of a better word" f ** k ", the PC version, so I would say a console port is almost certain" at- he said in an interview with The Escapist piece.

"I know a lot of people hot and bothered about it. Same, I'm not a console gamer, I'm a PC gamer, but I do not necessarily hurt the things. "

Hall also said he was interested in talks with Sony. "It seems to be the kind of game that Sony is interested, I think we just have to wait and see," he said.
  • "We talked and we met with Sony, and we are. - You know, they are obviously interested"
  • League of work is relatively small team of Czech developer Bohemia Interactive, and frequently updated MoD has become very popular on PC. Sony, for its part, has promised that the next PlayStation 4 will be more open and friendly to developers.
Legends independent version has not yet received a firm release date, but recently it has been shown outside Hall in several video diaries.

For more information about League of, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Sony, If This Is Your Future, Count Me Out!

On the Facebook page of Sony Japan, the photo above was published at the end of last month (I added the text). With the camera, Sony Japan wrote: "In the near, perhaps a scene like that will become standard future" (?? ??, ??? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ???) I hope not

There are over 700 comments on this photo. People write things like: "It's scary," or "I hate it" Some people make jokes, comparing with some


or. Japanese anime.

And others say that people probably use these headphones on airplanes - not on your morning commute. It makes more sense! It's just that ...


in the comments of the Facebook page of Sony in Japan, there are also references to Google Glass
. Google Unlike glass, however, the HMZ-T2 already released. Our future starts now combined
as published before
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