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Voice of PaRappa the Rapper petitions for a sequel

PaRappa the Rapper

needs the world, and the world needs PaRappa the Rapper. Two games not enough shabby for the dog floppy ears, and nobody thinks stronger than the man behind the dog. Dred Foxx

Foxx recently reprized her role in PaRappa PlayStation Battle Royale All-Stars

that fan interest has revived for a third installment of the franchise legendary rhythm (four if you count

UmJammer Lammy

). What better time than now to push their "Where's PaRappa?" Facebook group, which began a year ago. Here, visitors can share this game has meaning for them and Sony green light pulse

PaRappa the Rapper 3

Voice of PaRappa the Rapper petitions for a sequel screenshot Meanwhile, Masaya Matsuura Foxx loves making music again, and may have some rappers are invited as Snoop Dogg and Method Man. Hey, as long as you dream, might as well dream big! Of course, I would not mind a new

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