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PlayStation bets the farm that 'true gamers' are enough to sell its new machine

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PlayStation 4 - All the news in one place

[UPDATE 2: Now with even more]

Last night, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 at a conference two hours .. There were a lot of things to take, then here is a list of all articles published PS4 night.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Launch Trailer

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available!

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Animator - Square Enix Co., Ltd. Tokyo, JPN

Join our
the next generation engine development effort Square Enix games! Our study of Tokyo is actively looking for talented animators interested in contributing to a multi-platform game engine for delivering content for the next generation game systems of tomorrow. Put your skills to the test, push the limits of technology, game development, and support of our future titles online franchises rich world renowned such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and more.

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Defender's Quest: By the Numbers, Part 2

Lars Doucet share statistics - including numbers of steam - behind the indie game. ...

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Latest Sony retrospective video is all about the games

Latest Sony retrospective video is all about the games screenshot

The last video and the latest developments perhaps Sony PlayStation series focuses specifically on gaming equipment that were designed to operate. Hit the gap between games are considered toys and games that are considered much more, it highlights the lines Gran Turismo as a definitive basis. is surprising how many properties not mentioned in this video, but I guess it's not meant to be definitive by any means. Projects in experimental games


Special Feature | A Look Back at Sony’s Overblown PlayStation 3 Promises

Special Feature | A Look Back at Sony's Overblown PlayStation 3 Promises

Special Feature | 7 Signs PlayStation Vita Is a Disaster

Special Feature | 7 Signs PlayStation Vita Is a Disaster

Watch Dogs coming to Wii U?

Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy ads suggest upcoming action game in development by Ubisoft for Nintendo new platform.


watch can be on your way to the Wii U. listed on Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy 2013-date suggest Ubisoft action game is in development for the Wii U, besides Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

A Ubisoft representative was not immediately available for comment.
  • Last week, the filtrate market watchdogs have suggested that the game would ship this holiday season for "all consoles."
  • Ubisoft has not yet announced the list of platforms or a specific release date for guard dogs. The next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony are considered stores for the holiday season. Sony can not always announce PlayStation 4 tomorrow.
watchdog was announced during Ubisoft's 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference last June with no official word on platforms or release date. This is a brand new intellectual property in development at Ubisoft Montreal, which focuses on piracy.

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BioShock Infinite goes gold

After many delays, the shooter Irrational Games' new action approved by Sony and Microsoft to launch March 26.

BioShock Infinite Gold

past. After three years behind in development and multiple Irrational Games' latest action-shooter was approved by Sony and Microsoft to launch Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next March 26.

"Nobody has built a game like this," wrote co-founder of Irrational Games, Ken Levine on a blog. "This is an action game, but a shooter that takes you places very uncomfortable and dangerous that do not require that you play the game I can promise you, however, that once you experience not soon forget. "
  • BioShock Infinite was announced in August 2010 with a 2012 release window attached. In March 2012, October 16, 2012, release date of the game has been chosen. However, the game was postponed, February 26, 2013 and again on March 26.
  • BioShock Infinite When ships next month to do with the expectations of large sales. One analyst has suggested that the game would be a significant financial windfall for editing Take-Two, saying he could send 4.9 million copies.
For more information on BioShock Infinite, see previous coverage GameSpot.

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Available now: CVG's PlayStation 4 preview show

Showtime! At 6 pm ET tonight (23:00 UK), Sony unveiled its next generation PlayStation and make way for a new generation as planned. In preparation for the big reveal, a triumvirate of CVG journalists discuss the major issues on the PlayStation meeting tonight.

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Sony's D-Day: Everything we know about PS4

All specifications, driver details and launch games contained in one place.

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Star Trek The Video Game - Making the Game Part 1

In the first embodiment of the video series, executive producer Brian Miller explains more about the creation of Star Trek The Video Game, and co-op game that players will experience in the .

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Nintendo Direct Scheduled For Tomorrow Morning

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Take-Two takes over licensing of WWE franchise from THQ

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Project Manager - Social Point Barcelona, Ba, ESP

We are seeking a Project Manager to support the owner of the product management agile development processes on the computer: from concept to launch to ongoing development game