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Gravity Crash Ultra blasting to Vita in 2014

Gravity Crash Ultra blasting to Vita


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NPD: NCAA Football 14 tops slumping July US sales

college football game of the month's best-selling

EA Sports in the United States, followed by Minecraft and The Last of Us, the global industry sales slide 19 percent to $ 443 000 000.

NCAA Football 14 is the title of best-seller in July in the United States during a month that saw total sales fell 19 percent, according to the NPD Group report released today 'hui.

completed the top five best-sellers in July were Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition The Last of Us, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Total sales for the period fell 19 percent to $ 443 million, compared to $ 549.1 million in July 2012. According to NPD Group analyst Liam Callahan, however, these sales represent only half of the truth of consumers spend the period.

"Given the preliminary estimate of other sales formats in July as used and rental $ 134 million, and our estimate for the sale of digital formats, including the complete set Add downloads new content, including micro-transactions, subscriptions, mobile applications and consumer spending on the social networking games to $ 593 million, total consumer spending in July is a little less than 1.2 billion dollars, "Callahan said in a statement.
suffered the worst in July, falling from 34 percent to 99.4 million. The 3DS was the top performer for the month, surpassing the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, for the third consecutive month. It was also the only hardware platform to show growth in July 2012.

The Xbox 360 has sold 107,000 units in July, against 203,000 in July 2012 systems. Sony did not disclose sales of the PS3 or PS Vita.

In terms of software, this category decreased 20 percent to $ 222.3 million. While NCAA Football 14 was the best selling game in the month, sales fell by a "small" game last year, according to NPD. It was also the only game released in July to make the chart.

Callahan also noted that if the list of the best software was in a SKU basis, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition has landed in the top ten. He explained that this result is "clearly" an indication that the players who were lost in the GTA IV trying to catch up before the release of Grand Theft Auto V next month.
Accessories Sector

recorded the lowest drop in July, falling to only 3 percent to $ 133.4 million. According to NPD, July 2013 is the best July ever for the development and sale of credit cards.

"This is due in part to fewer games in stores throughout 2013, with players looking for digital content," he said. "This is especially true during summer, where are lighter release slate. "

game sales in the United States (August 7, July 3, 2013)


  • total retail sales: $ 443 million (-19%) no PC hardware: $ 99.4 million (-34%) without PC software: EUR 210.1 million of dollars (19%)
Accessories: $ 133.4 million (-3%)
software Total: 222,300 $ 000 (20%)

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Journey: Collector's Edition – review

(PS3, Sony, cert: 7) tables This comprehensive collection of developer thatgamecompany progress titles rudimentary War Duke Gravediggers>


Shot nostril famous flow

flower and Journey

. This is remarkable not only for its polished graphics and gameplay mechanics, but the soothing interactions, sometimes emotional, they create. flower
gives players control of the movement of the breeze as you travel with a field multiplication petals flock to the views of the city.

appears classic dual-stick controls, but soon with innovative multiplayer interactions scattered inviting to an astonishing degree of collaboration and communication. Despite only lasted a few hours,
Journey pushes

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Xbox One: Microsoft upgrades GPU speed and graphics drivers

Main Product

Marc Whitten revealed some of the Xbox One of the key improvements to the system before the Gamescom event key, and alluding to the function of asynchronous console 'matchmaking'

A senior Microsoft executive revealed that the clock speed of the graphics processor unit Xbox has increased. Speaking on the podcast Xbox spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, corporate vice president Marc Whitten said the speed is increased from 800 to 853mhz, apparently providing a 6% increase in GPU performance.

addition, Whitten said the graphics drivers that developers have been updated - which means that studies should be better able to adjust their code to the end of the machine architecture.

"at E3, we fall into what we call our inner monkey driver," he said. "It is our graphics driver is really 100% optimized for an Xbox hardware. Start with the DirectX driver base and then taking all the parts that do not look like an Xbox and you add all that really enhances the experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked up now, and I think did a very good improvement. "

However, it is common for console manufacturers to update regularly with new driver development kits, APIs and libraries before the publication of a new machine.

Meanwhile, Whitten also spoke briefly on the Xbox One asynchronous buddy system ", which is designed to make it easier for players to establish multiplayer sessions are not full of teenagers mouth jar.

"We are deeply integrating real-time services," said Whitten. "See an example such as" smart game "- that is our ability to rethink how we do matching, to ensure that you get in the games you want, and game developers have the opportunity to really fit around your skill, and also other factors such as the type of people who like to play and the types of games you like to play in. "

Essentially, players are able to keep a window open matchmaking as a favorite, although the dashboard or play something else. The application remembers the friends and opponents players preferred settings match, etc., and pushes a notification to them when there are enough participants available.

One Xbox and drivers: a developer responds

game developer Byron Atkinson-Jones is the founder of Xiotex indie developer, and has worked at Lionhead Studios for Microsoft. He heard Whitten comments on the graphic drivers Xbox One is what he had to say.
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Sony break-up plans rejected

PlayStation company declines requests to divide electronics and weapons entertainment.

Sony Council rejected a key shareholder proposal to end now.

PS Plus August freebies: Hitman Absolution, Runner 2, Star Wars Pinball

August for PlayStation Plus members have shown, starting tomorrow with a free copy of
Hitman: Absolution . Last entry in the IO Interactive deviates stealth kill-em-up from the formula established series, the review says, but offers a "healthy dose of stealth and creative murders." other gambling games in August are PS3 games

Runner 2 Joystiq

Star Wars Pinball

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 corners the Americas in September

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 corners Americas in September
North, Central America and South America Net Xbox 360 and PS3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
September 24, coinciding with the day of the rival street FIFA 14 . Latest iteration of Konami's soccer sim is also coming to PC and PSP - yes, PSP -. And going by the traditions of these entries must arrive a little later in the year

PES 2014

yet however, to date, in Europe and will be interesting to see if it is ahead FIFA 14

in the key region games -. Joystiq

go euros Sept. 27

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Microsoft dominates UK in first-half 2013, 3DS rallies

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The Architect: Mark Cerny on building PS4

CVG interview the man behind the new Sony console.

Mark Cerny was something I could not put my finger on.

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'I've had it with lazy devs' - a forum-goer puts a studio on notice

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Guild Wars 2, SimCity design lectures highlighted at GDC 2013

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Who's buying all these niche simulation games, anyway? We found out

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Sony trademarks 'PlayStation TV' after abandoning 2006 mark

Sony trademarks PlayStation TV again

Sony introduced a brand of products and services for the "TV PlayStation" June 26, covering the potential equipment and related services, such as streaming TV or movies, IGN reader has seen. Sony has made a mark for goods and services for "PlayStation TV" in September 2006 but was abandoned in September 2012. Both brands have the same logo and share protected characteristics under the presentations. Joystiq

not make a Sony PlayStation TV in six years, he held the first mark, even if a 3D TV launch of the PlayStation brand in 2011. Recall that Sony has a patent for a system that converts the mini-games for your interactive, asking the audience to shout the names of companies, such as "McDonalds!" to stop the ads.

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No off switch for Sony's DualShock 4 lightbar

even in the name of the battery, it lights up.

president of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed via Twitter that the DualShock controller lightbar 4 can not be stopped.

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This Week in the Business: ‘I'm Not Allowed to Say Bad Things.'

This Week in the Business: 'I'm Not Allowed to Say Bad Things.'

What happened in the video game industry last week ... quote |. "I'm not allowed to say bad things" -

Resident Evil

creator Shinji Mikami talk about his new play The Evil Within just avoid saying what you think addresses the last Capcom took with

Resident Evil

quote | .. "I think this news will do a little review and questioning the wisdom of all the Xbox Strategy" industry analyst Lewis Ward, referring to the departure of Don Mattrick of Microsoft to become CEO of Zynga

quote | .. "I see our approach as really having PS4 Sony Computer Entertainment back to our original roots," Andrew House, president of SCEA, talking about how Sony is to give small developers the opportunity

quote | ". Maybe the AAA 60 hours with just a difficult kind of disappear" Patrice Desilets, former creative director

Assassin's Creed

, talk about how you can create games into small pieces.

quote |. "There is no way on God's green earth that take place in a company of this kind in our own," Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy Entertainment, speaks to

Quantum Pause , which combines a game and a TV.

Budget |. "Atari has been battered by a series of shareholders who are just interested in the royalty stream," Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, talking about how Atari successive owners do not care about games. quote | "Finally, we must go free" Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs developer, talking about how their mobile AAA game would have made seven figures a month if it was designed. as F2P to start.

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Ewoks for Sale Outrages Some Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscribers

Ewoks for Sale Outrages Some Star Wars: The Old Republic Subscribers

Last foofaraw in

Star Wars: The Old Republic

-MMO that exists primarily to make people complain, it seems

-refers to an Ewok. Yes, a cuddly Ewok, action taken last (after Mothma, even) when I chose the sides of the battle.

treek the Bounty Hunter is an Ewok companion for your character will be available in August When it was announced at the beginning that if your character I had a million credits in hand and a standard 40-year heritage. People first began to murmur whether, at the time of the War cannon-Ewoks were known outside of Endor, and then how the hell can you leave Endor, much less become a formidable hunter rewards. Now it has been discovered that people can simply buy and treek with Real Moolah. I know, pay real money for the services of a bounty hunter? In a free to play MMO? The hell?

Because everything in the game must be a zero-sum argument, people who have the required level of inheritance are super pissed that not only can acquire foreign currency and treek Cartel, Cartel Coin Market also known where things are bought and sold for real-Buxx. The fact that this game is published by Electronic Arts figures in the discussion, too, I'm sure.

"Everyone should be able to have everything in the game and it helps that you should actually be able to buy anything, and referral requirements" said subscriber Game Forums. "They have been waiting in February '12 for something great to leave the level of inheritance and so far 50 have absolutely nothing."

"Not P2W but it is a slap in the face to people who have actually played the game long enough to get a high level of heritage," said another. "Thanks for submarines following has no value. "

others are not so offended. "Honestly, I do not see that much larger reaction based on treek" wrote one in this thread. "I see the same handful of heavy current players on the hamster wheel of false indignation. But this is true for everything about the game most of the time. "

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Xbox Live Gold subscribers get free Assassin's Creed II later this month

Major Nelson has confirmed that Assassin's Creed II is free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the second half of July.

of Assassin's Creed II is the next free game is offered through Microsoft game with gold promotion, Microsoft spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb confirmed.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download the game from July 16 until the end of the month.

Microsoft announced this week that XBLA tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening is not available to play from 1 July to 15 July.
  • Microsoft has announced the promotion of games Gold for its E3 press conference in 2013, and is committed to the promotion runs from July until the release of the Xbox One in November. A new game will be available to Gold subscribers on the 1st and 16th of each month.
  • Halo 3 will be included in the promotion in the coming months.
service is a rival Sony PlayStation Plus, which currently offers its subscribers in Europe the following games: Uncharted 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Little Big Planet Karting, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD, the souls of demons, Catherine, malicious, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and the cave.

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PS4's AR games collection 'The Playroom' bundled with console

Room Sony tech demo games for the Joystiq PlayStation 4, the first evidence at E3 a few weeks ago, will come packed with all the systems, reports GameSpot. The demo consists of micro and augmented reality games that include a color variant

Air Hockey
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Tokyo Jungle Mobile 'out next week' - First screen

Mobile version changes perspective view from above.

a new version of Tokyo Jungle Mobile Sony PlayStation launched in July 10 in Japan and North America.

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Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

After more than 90 hours, I'm still uncomfortable with Valhalla Knights 3.


Valhalla Knights 3 Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

" you ask.

Valhalla Knights 3

is an RPG for the PS Vita. The basic game is very similar to an MMORPG, but the massively multiplayer online. You have a central base of operations in a slightly more full of enemies card. At its base - or in the case of

Valhalla Knights 3 , jail - buy and sell the loot equipment and run their game, and get quests to collect X number section and from the type Z enemy various rewards. Overall, this is a very standard RPG.

is like an MMO whose plot is very fragile, and ranks second in the grinding. There are a number of different types of characters that you can switch between characters, each with their own level of play fighting, while there is a bit of a learning curve is a little further rhythmically the attack button to perform combos and pray that you have not misjudged the strength of the enemy.

Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

If all this sounds boring, it probably is, but the game does a great job of rewarding the player enough to play me. The leveling system is very addictive and it's probably why I've been grinding away for over 90 hours. Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

So why am I uncomfortable? So, here's a trailer (very NSFW) showing one of the distinctive features of the game, the Red Light District (seriously, you do not want to see this while you are at work):

Now, for those who do not understand Japanese, let me clarify: Its main base of operations in the game has an upper and lower level. The upper level is the Red Light District, and the lower level are the slums. Each level has stores that allow you to buy / sell items and equipment, guilds obtain contracts change around party members and individual classes, and a "clinic" where you can change sex and appearance of your characters. The difference between the levels is mostly intuitive, the upper level has better items and more missions, but also costs more. In addition, as the name "Red" indicates, there are a few other "goodies" in the store.

Each installation in the red zone has several suppliers, all of whom are women. To perform a transaction with a seller, you must pay a fee, as a Japanese hostess club. Although no difference in the sale items or missions offered by each provider in the Red Light District, the supplement varies. If you spend a certain amount of money to a supplier, you get to participate in what is called "Sexy Time", which according to the game you can feel the seller, while the owner of the establishment "is return. "Press the right places, and sometimes you will have access to a single object and boost your relationship with your character.

Repeat this often enough and offer you a mission. Once you clear this quest, which takes you to the hotel from the station where heavily involved having sex (no graphics, but I'm sure you know what moan dialogue and moving the screen to the up and down before flashing means pink). After that, you can select this provider to join his party.

My first reaction to this game system was immediately rejected. I never found a call to the host / hostess Japanese clubs, and how the female characters are objectified in the Red Light district system felt kind of thing that Fox News would immediately jump into a test like why games are destroying civilization as we know it.

Why I'm Avoiding One of the Main Features of Valhalla Knights 3

However, the use of the red zone is not required and you can remove the game without having to use the facilities at all. This, plus the fact that the combat / leveling was so addictive, that's why I still play.

play the game, but avoiding parts of the system that made me think that I found unpleasant. Although it is classified a bit restrictive ("contains material which may be appropriate for a public sixteen years or so"), the fact that games like

Valhalla Knights 3 are released into the circulation is something of a reflection of how the host club / hostess is rooted in Japanese culture.

Valhalla Knights 3

not the only game outside Japan

containing this type of
payment system to take advantage of-the-company-of-women-in-a-almost-but-explicitly sexual way. The Yakuza

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