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Rockstar: Timing is perfect for GTAV

co-founder Dan Houser said new action game comes to the current generation of consoles instead of future platforms.

With new consoles from Microsoft and Sony reports that it is ready to send as soon as the end of next year, some will wonder why Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V rather than current technology platforms the future. According to company co-founder Dan Houser, 2013 is the perfect time.

"Rockstar is a content company, not a hardware company," Houser said in the latest issue of Japanese game magazine


(with the polygons). "We use the technology we have to create content and try not to get into debt with the hardware. The fact that the material is so mature at this point, this is exactly why we are able to reach the next level. "

Houser said 2008 Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar was the first attempt to develop high-definition images, and called this development "serious difficulties". Now Rockstar understands what technology can do, and the only company benefiting, Houser said.
  • "All the best games console at the end of the life cycle, is not it?"
"GTA: San Andreas came out on top of the cycle, PlayStation 2, and get a very good match because all the best games console at the end of the life cycle, Right.? Then now is the best time of all, "he said.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that VSWG send the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2013. Pre-orders for the game opened last week in some stores in the United States and Europe. Second trailer for the game will come today.

For more information on VSWG, see previous coverage GameSpot.

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus on North American PSN Dec. 4

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus on PSN Dec 4

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core plus Joystiq
success on the PlayStation Network in North America December 4th for $ 4.99, according to Takeshi Yamanaka Arc System works more about Twitter. The game (which was originally released on the PS2 back in 2008) has quite a few different versions floating around, including one for the PSP, one on the Wii and XBLA earlier this year. PlayStation ® Network version was released in Japan so far

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European PSN update; November 14, 2012

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Lone Survivor migrating to PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor migrating to PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor
, lateral displacement of the survival-horror game developer Superflat Games, reaches the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Jasper Byrne creator has revealed. After months of getting stuck on the PC and Mac, Curve Studios will create the code base from scratch to take Lone Survivor

games for Sony platforms. Joystiq

Curve Studios is responsible for the London house

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7th Dragon Getting Another Sequel. It's for the PSP.

According to the unpublished issue of this week's Famitsu, Sega is launching a sequel to last year's role-playing game 7th Dragon 2020 (pictured). The game will be out next spring. More »
Seventh Dragon
Get another suite. It is for the PSP. "Alt =" Click here to read
Seventh Dragon Get another suite. It is for the PSP. "Src =" "width = 190 height = 120>

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PSP Emulator For Android Released

YokimaSun writes: "This may be one of those projects that have been defeated in the general project as soon as Bleemcast, but a group of developers who call PPSSPP project launched the first PSP emulator for the Android operating system, the emulator allows you to play PSP games with a touchscreen that was something PSP owners have wanted for years. During games that can be played are Deluxe Puzzle Bobble, Puyo Pop Fever & Pinball Fantasies. emulator has been released for Windows and BlackBerry. "

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Revolution: The story of Wii

Nintendo insiders say: How Microsoft and Sony were a handshake away from the counter and Wii motion controller and born in a plane

In 1998, a journalist from the New Yorker asked that Bill Gates of Microsoft's competitors fear most. "I fear that someone in a garage is to design something completely new," he replied.

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