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The Unfinished Swan - review

PS3, Sony, cert: 7 October 25

This atmosphere first-person puzzle has more than one thing to do with Valve masterpiece of space-consciousness (and, in fact, thanks to video games for the manufacture of a sentence so unlikely in reality)


. Instead of pulling wormholes to geography short term, however, these are balls of black paint to show the geography, and the prospect of forming a maze of dazzling whiteness otherwise impenetrable.

not monochromatic. Feeling a way of painting is the first step in what is built in a more complex set of troubling scenarios - Scalable vineyards located in an abandoned castle pulling giant drops of water, using a brilliant ball to illuminate the road through a forest dark, dangerous, and ultimately building blocks, steps and turns to negotiate the obstacles imposed 3D.

is wonderfully inventive and as a downloadable title, relatively short, which means that no mechanical overused different sensations. Basically, despite requiring little jump agile and occasional bands of coordination, the game is rarely frustrating, so

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