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Sony to relaunch PlayStation Store

The online market is to receive a major makeover that makes it more attractive and logical to navigate

Sony treated its Web-based PlayStation Store to a major - and, no doubt, waiting PlayStation 3 if necessary - a new design. It will be launched on October 17, in time for a crucial period, sales of the game industry Christmas, and amounts to a tacit admission by the Japanese company of the growing importance of digital downloads compared to traditional based on game discs.

Gordon Thornton, vice president of Sony Entertainment Network Operations Network Europe, explains the motivation behind the project company: "We wanted to create a PlayStation experience, and we wanted to meet some problems that consumers have told us about the previous version, which was the search and navigation -. would make it easier for them to find content "Sony has tried to emphasize that the measure was driven by consumption - according to his manager game development magazine, Elliott Dumville," The essence of this is due to that consumers tell us - and not just read the newspaper articles, forums, blogs, etc., have been getting to know our consumers. to get to understand your needs, likes and dislikes regarding the purchase of games and other content on the web is concerned. "

So what's new?

The most obvious change from the PlayStation Store is a new page, titled What's New, move sideways, fashion carousel, and seems much more attractive than the old games start page with characters clippings, pictures, videos and a parallax effect that comes into play when moving. "This is a completely new user interface," said Dumville. "What's covers always a mixture of content, and what was asked:" How can we make the products of the stars of "So shop HD experience - every page has a title Carousel "hero" "

Perhaps the most important buyers numerical structure of the site has been improved. "One of our design principles was that we always want people to know where they are, if not a dead end," said Dumville. Therefore, if they move at the end of a section, you are given a number of options to go to Sony recognizes that other parts of the site that you may be looking for. The main menus on the left of PlayStation Store is divided in Dumville called "above the line and below the line" sections - for what are essentially two menus in a

It would be easy to argue that the redesigned PlayStation Store is more than it should have been in the first place, but Sony has the advantage of listening to their customers and take the time to correct. It is impressive to see how you are going, it looks and feels attractive (certainly more likely to find lead to more impulse purchases), and is much faster, easier and more logical to navigate. Dumville and Gordon and the promise that Sony will continue to update more or less every two weeks, with a flow of streaming content including trailers and structural adjustments if consumers demand.

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