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Nintendo cuts profit outlook ahead of Wii U launch

strong yen and falling sales of Nintendo hit as he prepares to launch material for the first time in six years

Nintendo cut its forecast for annual profit of nearly half of the strong yen and falling sales of consoles weigh on profits as it prepares to launch the successor to the Wii, which provides with increase revenue.

For the year to March 31, the creator of Super Mario cut its forecast for operating profit of 20 billion yen (£ 157m) from a forecast of 35 billion yen in July . This compares to a consensus estimate of 21 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters for a profit ¥ 27 billion.

Its operating loss in the three months to Sept. 30 fell to ¥ 18.8bn to 19.6bn yen loss a year earlier, against an average forecast of ¥ 16 billion loss of four analysts .

Nintendo Wii U, the successor to its Wii machine distributors at 100 meters, is on sale in the U.S. on November 18. Equipment supply Nintendo first time in six years, has a tablet controller as a touch screen and a social network and allows users to record TV with TiVo and other digital recording services.

The company has reduced its forecast for annual sales of its 3DS handheld in a million, to 17.5 million. Low demand for new 3DS launched in February last year, forcing Nintendo to cut the price of the gadget in about a third of the previous year.

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