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Journey claims GameCity prize 2012

The love affair is a wide range of candidates to claim second prize ever GameCity


won the GameCity this year. The downloadable title for PlayStation in which players control a character in a mysterious quest across a desert landscape strange, beat six other titles chosen to claim their prize.

The award was judged by a panel of writers and broadcasters outside the gaming industry, including Lord Puttnam, artist Dave Gibbons, Financial Times journalist Lucy Kellaway and DJ Jo Whiley. The objective of this annual competition, held under securities Nottingham GameCity festival highlight interesting and encourage debate and discussion on the state of game design.

Commenting on the win, the creative director of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen said: "I really like the GameCity target, so that people realize games and talk about the games, especially for people who are not many video games in their daily lives. thatgamecompany has always focused on the creation of games for everyone, so it's nice to see GameCity recognize our game and give us a price. Finally, we believe that the games are half ripe, they deserve to be appreciated and loved by all the people. "

joins last year's winner, Minecraft and unusual duo has developed a model of what some have called the response of the game for Turner and Booker Prize. The festival continues through Saturday with GameCity a series of lectures, exhibitions and parties.

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