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James Bond: why 007 games have almost never worked

rip-roaring adventures, memorable villains and beautiful women, James Bond must make great games. But I did the latter. Here's why

remember my first experience of a video game James Bond. It was the Commodore 64 View to a Kill, published by Domark Software in 1985. I vividly remember driving a taxi representation bit awkwardly shaped block around Paris looked like a series of random green stripes slapped one another. And I said, it does not reflect the experience of watching a James Bond movie. It would be a prescient observation.

Fast forward to 2012, and the last Bond film is thrilling moviegoers with his courageous action, the plot complex and compelling central performance. But there is not a video game tie-in directly. Instead, there are a couple of sequences Skyfall stuck in a game called 007 Legends, a better Bond collection, published last week by Activision and bits from the likes of Moonraker, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day . It is a shooter good first step, but critics are more or less unanimous in stating that ... does not reflect the experience of watching a James Bond movie.

And indeed, many publishers and developers have been valiantly not to enter the experience of watching a James Bond for 27 years. Electronic Arts has had a couple of decent go with your PlayStation 2 shooter 007: Agent Under Fire and 007: Everything or Nothing, but he lost (or rather) a license to Activision. After that, we have a Quantum of Solace game, a title that at least equaled his inspiration for the film clearly mediocrity, and then came a follow-up, Blood Stone 007, with a history of Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, who had some courageous fighter but inexplicably, Joss Stone in the lead role. This is not a bug, it's Joss Stone.

What was the problem? Why have completely failed to give the game an experience that resembles the practice, or at least the most promising of our memories, to see James Bond movies?

Well, no response charitable and this is the best game ever made Bond Goldeneye. N64 Launched in 1997, this brilliantly designed shooter with multiplayer missions ingenious and excellent, was the product of a UK developer, Rare, at the height of his extraordinary abilities. GoldenEye is never a mediocre James Bond movie, but in the hands of designers such as Martin Hollis and David Doak, working on a study that was recently created headlines like Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct, has become a classic video games.

And it was perhaps the only time a leading developer absolutely on top of his game has received a title of James Bond to produce. Of course, that EA Redwood Shores Agent Under Fire All or Nothing developed and became Visceral Games and Dead Space titles scary, but 007 treated early in life. At the other end of the scale, Bizarre Creations, once one of the studio's brightest and most talented UK Blood Stone handled at the end of its useful life, probably tired and disillusioned by failure Driving game, Blur. Quantum of Solace, meanwhile, was made by Treyarch, just after his call not very good translation Spider-Man 3 before and practicable of Duty: World At War. Uncomfortable Bonds Bedfellows.

But I'm not sure what explains things completely. Instead, I think there was a big misunderstanding about how James Bond films really work. Most tie-ins have focused on the nature of the globetrotter scripts, theorizing that this sense of variety captures the essence of the experience of the Bonds. What we have done so often, games are crashing uncomfortably between playing styles, rapidly changing pieces together to meet the challenges of driving penalties, all in an attack breathless exotic locations . And on paper, this is the kind of thing you need to do - the James Bond films are about to call for action, adventure and constant forward


James Bond films are unlike many action films absolutely inseparable from the act of seeing the main character. James Bond films are romances between Bond and the public. Games have problems because they explore the central error of thinking that all we want

Bond. Some people do, perhaps, but most just want to see it. And even if you want it, the things we do not want these games can adequately reflect or reproduce. You can not press X to be charming and polite, you can not beat the O button to send a glass of Château Margaux 1985, thanks to a Monte Carlo casino in a beautiful heiress. Well, you could, but it is unlikely to be a tie-in Treyarch.

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