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Big in Japan September 30-October 6: Resident Evil 6

sixth Capcom takes the first and fifth places in Japan PS3 beats Nintendo handheld.

Zombies and QTEs beat JRPGs and soccer for the week.

Despite mixed reviews, Resident Evil six ranked first in its debut week of September 30 in Japan.

Zombies and beat JRPGs QTE and football in the week.

The media creates a "last day of sales, the PS3 version sold 634,933 units as of the survival horror in the week. The Xbox 360 version was the fifth place with 41,652 units sold. The sixth game was praised for its narrative structure, but has been criticized for being too focused on set pieces and event scripts run.

Capcom recently announced that additional content on the game disc, especially Hope No difficulty mode and new parts of the cooperative is free and "incomplete" because it requires a download to work real.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
also appeared in the list. The football title was in second place with 223,884 units sold. The game was praised for its speed and ball physics, but has been criticized for the single and multiplayer modes. For more information, see the recent article by GameSpot in the game.

debut on the list of PSP RPG Summon Night 3 and Sun Fire The first was in third place with 51,453 units, while the second was in fourth place with 42,037 units sold. Summon Night 3 is a reissue of the RPG of the same name released in 2003. This version has a medal for courageous new party members and other guests. Ground Trigger is an RPG-Epoch new image. The game features a Sun system, where group members can use solar energy to resurrect special commands to the other during the battle.

On the hardware, the PS3 took first place with 42,218 units of sales, due to the fact that the console versions know Slim was released on October 4. 3DS XL was 39,046 units, while the 3DS was 24,623 units regularly. PS Vita sales below 10,000 since 7957 units per week was. His cousin, the PSP was just over 17,769 sales units.

> Sales of games in Japan Top September 30 to October 6


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