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Big in Japan August 13-19: New Super Mario Bros. 2


strikes again first with the software platform 2D 3DS XL atop hardware sales weekly.

Despite retreading familiar territory, Mario games still get the gold.

Nintendo seem to dominate the top spots in sales during the summer vacation in Japan. According to recent media Create sales update, the number one for the week of August 13 to August 19 was New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS.

Despite treading familiar territory, Mario games always get gold.

The game sold 152,026 units. Critics praised the title and level controls, but filtered through their dependence on the glories of retreading previous Mario games. For more information on the title, check out GameSpot review.
Other Nintendo titles
the second and third were Pokémon Pokémon Black and White 2 2 for the DS and Dragon Quest X, respectively. The former securities sold 55,787 units, while the second has sold 45,470 units Wii RPG. There were no new titles debut in the top 10 the previous week.

In terms of hardware, both versions of the 3DS console is the most sold in the week. The XL 3DS was 66,412 units, while the 3DS was 45,445 units 111,857 the total assembly. The PS3 was 16,277 units, while the Wii was 15,640 units.

> Set Top sales to Japan August 13 August 19

> Software

Position / Title / Publisher / Platform / Unit

1. New Super Mario Bros. 2 / Nintendo / 3DS / 148 225

2. Pokemon Black, Pokemon White 2 / Nintendo, Pokemon / DS / 62,274

3. Dragon Quest X / Square Enix / Wii / 47,065

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