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Big in Japan July 30-August 5: Dragon Quest X

New Wii debuted at number one RPG, Wii increased sales experience.

A new Dragon Quest game has debuted on top in Japan. Don't act too shocked.

players familiar with game sales in Japan should be very aware of the record sales of Dragon Quest series. The trend continued with the release of Dragon Quest X for the Wii last week.

A new Dragon Quest game debuted in Japan at the top. Do not act too surprised.


debuted at the top of the media creates charts for the week of July 30 to August 5 with 367,148 units sold. Following a five continents for players to explore and six playable races (human, ogres, elves, dwarves, puklipo the weddie) for players to experience. This game marks the first time the series has taken the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre, as players must pay a subscription set up after the first 20 days free play online.

debut include all other Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 for the DS and PSP. The DS version was in eighth place with 20.459 units sold, while the PSP version was at number 14 with 12.928 units sold. Both versions of the scrolling action title are the same 2D side, players can choose between a stable of past and present superheroes Kamen Rider to fight against the enemies of past episodes Kamen Rider and the universe.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 was in second place in the top 10 with 213,547 units sold. The game was recently commended for its controls and layers of secrets in its design, but has been criticized for its disappointing retread of the cooperative and the nostalgia of its levels. For more information, check out GameSpot review.

Atlus and Arc System Works game 'The latest fighting closes in the middle of the new versions. The PS3 version of Persona 4 Arena was in seventh place with 20,477 units sold. The game was recently praised for its mechanisms of action and visual effects, but was criticized for presenting narrative sec. Departure examination GameSpot for more information.

In terms of hardware sales, the Wii was a significant increase in sales due to the release of Dragon Quest X for the system sales rose to 41,415 units. Otherwise, the 3DS head was still, the XL version was 82,251 points, while the regular version was 42,164, which added to 124,415 in total.

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