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Big in Japan June 25-July 1: Pokemon, Fatal Frame II Wii

pocket monster Nintendo RPG reigns, new RPG Workshop and the remake of Fatal Frame Wii debut in the top 10.

Atelier Ayesha: almost but not quite at the top in Japan.

is difficult to maintain a simulator monster down, and updating the latest Media Create sales showed it. Pokemon Black and Pokemon White on February 2 was again the best-selling title for the week of June 25 and July 1, after its debut the week of June 18 Both versions of the DS game sold 416,850 units, bringing its unit sales of a total of 2,035,471.


Ayesha:. Almost but not quite at the summit in Japan


newcomers Ayesha also made a strong debut in second place with 60,548 units sold. The role play is the next iteration of the workshop series, after the previous trilogy, including Rorona Workshop, Workshop and Workshop Totori Meruru. Combat system the game allows players to move around the party members and allows them to carry out attacks in the team according to their positioning. Ayesha Workshop also multiple endings and a mechanical synthesis, as some titles Workshop new precedents.

Other newcomers playing strategy and adventure robotic visual Culdcept new titles, notes 3DS and PlayStation 3 respectively. The first 55,469 units sold, while the latter has sold 54,753. The PS3 version of Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection debuted in sixth place with 33,393 units sold. In addition to high-definition visual effects, the collection includes trophies and unlock achievements support PlayStation Move.

The Wii version of Fatal Frame II made an appearance in the top 10. The adventure game was seventh with 25.280 units sold. The remake still retains elements of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly for PS2 and Xbox, but adds in a corner of the camera in third person and new display options and control of the camera obscura.

Top 10 People ex situ
support 4 gold was beaten to 11th place with 15.497 units sold. Mario Party 9, also dropped a few notches to 13th place with 14.049 units sold.

Since the release of white glass version of the Vita PlayStation, sales for the system rose to 22,638 units. Otherwise, each system remained the same location as last week in the hardware list. The 3DS was still leading with 65,267 points, while the PS3 was in third place with 16,399 units.

Top Sales
Japan Thurs June 25 - July 1


Rank / Title / Author / System / Units

1. Pokemon Black 2, White 2 Pokemon / Nintendo, Pokémon Company / DS / 420780

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