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Big in Japan July 16-22: Kirby's Dream Collection

Kirby game collection for Wii sales take place in Japan, followed by the new plant as Rune.

Will that smile turn upside down in the North American version of Kirby's Dream Collection?

seems that Japan can not get enough to eat by the enemy pink star Masahiro Sakurai. The newly released Kirby Dream Collection: Special Edition for Wii takes first place in sales of Japanese games, the latest Media Create update July 16 to July 22. The collection, with Kirby featured titles dating back to 1992, has sold 100,396 units.

Will smile upside down in the American version of the dream collection of Kirby?

Rune Factory 4
trailed behind with 88.700 units sold. New features in the role of hybrid simulation game include the elimination of networks when customizing farms, the possibility of building structures to attract more tourists, and the ability of the court multiple lovers while remaining married.

Pokemon Black / White 2 and Digimon World Re: Scan were fourth and fifth on the list, respectively, with 81,879 units sold for the old units and sold 73,468 in the second. The new iteration of Digimon allows players to increase their digital in-game pet, a Digimon through five stages of growth. As in previous titles, when a Digimon dies, a new incarnation of what will be born with new skills and improved statistics.

In the front of the equipment, most consoles have a slight drop in sales from previous tables. The 3DS was still leading with 44,202 points, while the PS3 was less than 16.232 units. The Vita PS was close to falling into the four-digit number with a turnover of under 10,103 units only.


Japan Top Match July 16 to 22


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