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The PS Move Racing Wheel - video tour

Sony stick hits a moving device of the wheel-like.

Sony has designed a new wheel for PS3 device that is combined with a motion controller motion sensitive racing fans.

You Think You Can Hold Up Tifa's Suspenders? [Cosplay]

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Although Square Enix Haws still hems and a
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Unchained Blades released from its shackles today on PSN

Unchained Blades released from its shackles today on PSN screenshot

During the Games Xseed art came seemingly out of nowhere to steal my heart. This is largely due to the fact that the publisher always brings new and intriguing Japanese software platforms to the world of publishing seems to ignore.

Such is the case today with their latest release, a robot dungeon in first person which is called

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GunLord now available for Dreamcast

Dreamcast title Gunlord now on sale


, NG (!) Dev-Team during the Dreamcast implementing new and-gun game, and is available for purchase from Play-Asia Store. The standard edition costs $ 39.99, with a limited edition of the carrier tape available for $ 49.99. An extravagant "Dragon Box" is the site for $ 120, but is not yet available for purchase. Joystiq

If you're intimidated by technology, fashion and prefers to play Dreamcast

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Okami HD developed by Capcom and Hexa Drive

Joystiq has confirmed that
Okami HD
, brushed and touched up a smaller version of the beautiful Clover Studio Zelda-like adventure, is developed in collaboration between Capcom and Hexa unit.
remastered versions of classic games are not always to improve or maintain good experience, so we have to consider the pedigree of the companies that manufacture them. Hexa disk problem becomes a more relevant curriculum update great Xbox Live Arcade game to another dynamic and very expensive:. REZ HD

The Japanese study is led by Masakazu Matsushita, who served as head of programming Capcom Joystiq
Devil May Cry 3


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Sr Game Designer - Sony Computer Entertainment America - Santa Monica Santa Monica, CA, USA

Join the team
God of War! Be part of computer entertainment more exciting and innovative in North America. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) markets the PlayStation ® family of products and develops, publishes, markets and distributes software for PS ONEA? ¢ console, the PlayStation ® 2 and PLAYSTATION ® 3 computer entertainment system and PlayStation Portable (¢ PspA).

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'The ultraviolence has to stop' - Warren Spector

producer of Epic Mickey Eidos says he left in 2004 due to the proliferation of violent titles in the editor, believes the industry is "fetishization of violence."

Don't expect to see a scene like this in Epic Mickey.

serious violent scenes were a staple of the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo last week. And while Sony has said that this time could be beneficial in stimulating strong narratives, producer Warren Spector Epic Mickey has a different opinion. Speaking to the international gaming industry, Spector said plainly: "ultra-violence must stop."

not expect to see a scene like that in Epic Mickey.


his thoughts, Spector said he believes that violence in games such could have negative consequences.

"We have to stop loving him," he said. "I do not believe in the argument of the effects at all, but I think we fetishize violence, and now, in some cases effectively combined with an approach to adolescent sexuality. I think it's in bad taste. Ultimately, I think it will cause problems. "

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Video: DC Superheroes Clash in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Dishonored US pre-order incentives confirmed

download and physical treats on offer.

The wicked E3 whispers and buzzing rumours

Keep a secret between us, ok?.

CVG has heard rumors of what really striking will be unveiled next week at E3.

Might & Magic Heroes VI Screens

Senior Artist, World - NetherRealm Studios Chicago, IL, USA

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From Final Fantasy to Star Wars, E3 Brings Next-Gen Game Graphics

God of War Ascension videos show bloody single and multiplayer gameplay

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Preview: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F has precision issues

Preview: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F has precision issues screenshot


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"Far Cry 3" Teased In This E3 Trailer

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Fable: The Journey screenshot gallery

New Screens Kinecta E3 adventure to Lionhead.

Gamasutra Member Blogs: From gender criticism to Danielle Bunten Berry

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Meet the Next Generation of Graphics: Unreal Engine 4

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E3's Unsolved Mystery: Are Watch Dogs and Star Wars: 1313 Really Next-Gen Games?

Show Dogs>

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Hunting down the secret Tokyo Jungle demo at E3

Hunting down the secret Tokyo Jungle demo at E3

One of my goals for this year's E3 was to see if
Tokyo Jungle
was on the show floor and play. For the show, he heard reports that can be played, but did not find it on the ground. Sony representatives have had to drive me around the giant stand of the company unsuccessfully

Finally, I have a Twitter report that led me to the right place. Private meeting room Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. And then I finally found one

Tokyo Jungle demo station, translated with the European version (which is also North America, Joystiq has learned.)
This story would be much less exciting and more embarrassing if the show turned out to be rare, but just about everything, the game that I feared he would. However, this is an exciting smart, and yes, play with particular intensity. It was worth the search.

Joystiq Gallery: Tokyo Jungle (E3 2012)

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