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Wizorb to be a PlayStation Minis title this June

Wizorb to be a PlayStation Minis title this June screenshot

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Remember Wizorbs

, Beatshapers' fantasy game pad revolution that launched last October as a title for Xbox LIVE Indie? A few months later, as usual Indie games LIVE

Wizorb launched the PC via GamersGate later find their way into the steam.

Now the game seems to be increasing their presence even more than Beatshapers Tribute and Gaming announced that Wizorb

become a PlayStation title and Minis the launch of the PSP, and PS3 PlayStation Vita sometimes "in June," priced at $ 3.99.


Photo Photo Wizorb Photo Photo growing concern across different platforms, perhaps over time you will see that their way into the 3DS - it seems as if it would fit well in hand. Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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