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thatgamecompany courting publishers, next game announced 'hopefully within this year' [update]

: Chen us with your statements regarding Hunicke and James " Kellee and Robin both made huge contributions to our games My comments about his duties were performed to treat, especially the process of creative development of our next game No way could I make these statements on their same .. , otherwise it would feel like I m minimize the roles of my partners. "
Now that Journey is out and thatgamecompany was released from the obligations of his three-game exclusive to Sony, the company co-founder Jenova Chen is looking for a partner in the assembly. "It gives us a little time to readjust, essentially following the agreement of three parties," Chen said in an interview with VG247. "We are very close to understanding what the next time. We are negotiating with several partners. "

thatgamecompany course would not need a new editor, unless he was working on a new game, but the acquisition of a friend of the new publication does not necessarily translate into information on Chen's next project. "Depending on when we will know in the next game, I think intentionally announce our early games. Announce

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