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Bungie-Activision contract calls for Destiny in 2013

contract with Activision Developer calls for timed exclusivity of MMO-style game on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 first; Marathon Mentioned overhaul.

ICT Bungie has been using the Destiny codename to tease its next project. When Bungie signed a partnership with Activision Publishing, developer-committed in oven and add-ons downloadable games in eight years, with the first set to release exclusively on Xbox 360 and its successor in 2013 , The Los Angeles Times. A PlayStation 3 version of the game would be expected to follow in the fall of 2014. Bungie details eats the 2010 contract with Activision, which was recently unsealed court as main editor of the pending litigation with Jason West and Vince Zampella, the co-founders of the initial call of the Infinite Duty Ward.

Bungie was using it to tease codenamed Project Destiny ICT next.

The paper reports the initial agreement of the HAD that Bungie on the hook to "deliver four"-style ... massively multiplayer science fantasy, shooting games action "under the name code "destiny". The quartet would be launched in the fall of 2013 with a game for the Xbox 360 and its successor, with subsequent payments starting every second year for Sony consoles and PC as well. For the years between the two slices by hand These series, downloadable expansion packs Bungie Would Produce under the code name "Comet". The first add-on set was likely to strike in 2014.

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