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Big in Japan April 2-8: Super Robot Taisen, PS Vita slump

RPG from Namco Bandai strategy

claim the top spot as Vita fails to break the 10,000 sales mark.

Portable-contained crossovers were the past week's hot sellers in Japan.


have ups and downs experienced in the media these last update Create Japanese sales. While sales of software first went to a PSP title based on a strategy RPG franchise in the long run, the editor of the new portable system has not done well.

laptop and composed of a cross have been hot sellers in Japan last week.

last week
loved Kingdom Hearts 3D was defeated by Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen, which has sold 265,439 units, while Square Enix RPG, the stock sells additional 42,231 units. PSP and PS3 versions of baseball title from Konami, Pro Baseball Spirits 2012, has sold 26,908 units and 26.886, respectively. A beginning has been another Star Wars Kinect, making the control approach debut in Japan in 12th place with 6.010 units sold.
The usual suspects such as Kid Icarus: Uprising, Monster Hunter 3G, and the two Mario games were still hanging in the top 10. Kid Icarus: Uprising sold 25,710 and was in fifth place, while 3D Super Mario Land sold 21 996 and was in the sixth. Capcom 3DS action RPG was in eighth place with 16.770 units sold, while the recent entry into the Mario Kart series was in ninth place with 16.024 units sold.

Regarding hardware sales, the PS Vita fell below the 10,000 sales, sales of the device numbers increased from 12,105 to 8931 the update this week. The rest of the consoles to keep the Xbox 360 was a drop in sales the previous week. The numbers have increased to 3764 from Microsoft, probably due to the release of Star Wars Kinect.

game Top Sales in Japan from February to April 8


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