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There might be a new Kenshin game on the horizon

There might be a new Kenshin game on the horizon screenshot


Siliconera has unearthed some information about our new favorite anime heroes potential Gone bad-good, but everything is not written in stone. Clearly, a Rurouni Kenshin application is scheduled for May, and a PSP game can be involved. The real question, however, is whether the game is a completely new way, or just a new version or a 2011 location Kenshin PSP game.

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Big in Japan April 9-15: Kingdom Hearts 3DS

Square Enix cash cow goes against Namco's new Super Robot Taisen for first place that the PSP is outselling PS Vita.

Mecha crossovers plus Disney and Square Enix crossovers equals profit.

While last week appeared to slow the software and Japanese hardware sales, two major titles have debuted in the top five according to the latest update Media Create weekly sales. Namco Bandai recent full mechanism of the strategy role-playing, Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen, which was held first place in the week of April 9 to April 15 with 34,403 units sold.

Mecha cross outside of Disney and Square Enix cross is equal to profit.

Square Enix Kingdom Hearts title for 3DS finished just below the entrance of Super Robot Wars with 3D Kingdom Hearts: Sales fall remotely dream of 20,977 units. For more information on the RPG, see the recent coverage GameSpot.
3D Super Mario Land
recovered the way back to the list after hovering low in the top 10. 3DS Nintendo has sold 18.119 units platforms and was followed by the PSP version of Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 from Konami and Kid Icarus: Uprising by Nintendo. The first 17.037 units sold while the latter moved to the 3DS 15.228 copies.

All hardware sales suffered this week. Sales of Sony PlayStation Portable fell to 8,250 units Vita Media Create sales day earlier, while the Xbox 360 has lost momentum from Kinect Star Wars, falling to 1.373 units sold compared to 3,764 units previous period.

game Top Sales in Japan from April 9 to 15


Rank / Title / Author / platform / unit sale

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Big in Japan April 2-8: Super Robot Taisen, PS Vita slump

RPG from Namco Bandai strategy

claim the top spot as Vita fails to break the 10,000 sales mark.

Portable-contained crossovers were the past week's hot sellers in Japan.


have ups and downs experienced in the media these last update Create Japanese sales. While sales of software first went to a PSP title based on a strategy RPG franchise in the long run, the editor of the new portable system has not done well.

laptop and composed of a cross have been hot sellers in Japan last week.

last week
loved Kingdom Hearts 3D was defeated by Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen, which has sold 265,439 units, while Square Enix RPG, the stock sells additional 42,231 units. PSP and PS3 versions of baseball title from Konami, Pro Baseball Spirits 2012, has sold 26,908 units and 26.886, respectively. A beginning has been another Star Wars Kinect, making the control approach debut in Japan in 12th place with 6.010 units sold.
The usual suspects such as Kid Icarus: Uprising, Monster Hunter 3G, and the two Mario games were still hanging in the top 10. Kid Icarus: Uprising sold 25,710 and was in fifth place, while 3D Super Mario Land sold 21 996 and was in the sixth. Capcom 3DS action RPG was in eighth place with 16.770 units sold, while the recent entry into the Mario Kart series was in ninth place with 16.024 units sold.

Regarding hardware sales, the PS Vita fell below the 10,000 sales, sales of the device numbers increased from 12,105 to 8931 the update this week. The rest of the consoles to keep the Xbox 360 was a drop in sales the previous week. The numbers have increased to 3764 from Microsoft, probably due to the release of Star Wars Kinect.

game Top Sales in Japan from February to April 8


Rank / Title / Author / platform / unit sale

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PSN going offline today for 13 hour maintenance

PS3 online play is available from 14:00 GMT / 09 am EST.

Spirit Camera confirmed for Europe

The game, a match in practice is released in the U.S. today, using the camera 3DS and characteristics of augmented reality Nintendo says, "scares you, in completely new ways . "

Fatal Frame spinoff

Spirit House: Cursed Memory

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Game sells off Iberian operation

MCV reports that the buyer's investment Cherrilux, as acquisitions of Baker, created the company bought in the UK Thurs store management by private-equity firm to OpCapita the operation.

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Trailer reveals new Resident Evil 6 date

The change of date of first revealed in a trailer shown at Capcom Captivate press conference in Rome last week. The news was embargoed until 16:00 today, but it was revealed early, apparently in the official YouTube channel of Sony.

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Resident Evil 6 Shambles Forwards, Now Out in October

Resident Evil 6

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A Whole Bunch of Crazy Anime Mashed Up for Your Gaming Pleasure

Click here to read A Whole Bunch of Crazy Anime Mashed Up for Your Gaming Pleasure heroesphantasia

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Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure Review: Mini-games with a Napoleon complex

Inspired by Jack Layton, but follows the rhythm of his own drum.

Do the French have rhythm? Celine Dion, Johnny Hallyday and suggest "no" to a company, but the thief rhythm beg to differ.

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36 Perfect Games Already Have Been Pitched in MLB 2K12 [Mlb 2k]

In a little more than two days since the contest began, three dozen perfect games already have been verified in the MLB 2K12 $1,000,000 Challenge, the game's social media manager said about three hours ago. There's a leaderboard up showing who the early contenders are to make an eight-man tournament where the grand prize will be awarded. More »
MLB 2K12
"alt =" Click here to read 36 perfect games were launched in MLB 2K12 "src =" "width = 190 height = 120>

The ghostly image of my death in Far Cry 3


The stories developed during multiplayer sessions

Far Cry 3

resembles the tales told by other competition shooters:
the explosion of a grenade blows around me like a shock wave. From behind the smoke of a group of four rebels emerge and open fire on an ammunition dump that I am located on the defense. Two of the invaders are slaughtered in a hail of bullets in my gun submachine gun. Two other enemies scatter and leave me alone. The area is mine and mine alone
in hiding, waiting for a flank attack - but nothing happens .. Seconds later, I hear a creak in the air. An irregularity is registered on my radar. Then another crack and fall on my feet, dead.

What seems fairly standard turn into something new and interesting. As

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare before, Far Cry 3

reveals deadly enemy positions through a Elimination Chamber . But unlike other titles, Far Cry 3


's may be the best I've seen a detailed strategic information on players has decreased. Joystiq

AirMech is a hardcore browser game for Chrome (with more platforms to come)

team at the Games carbon is enjoying his new freedom as an independent after its development effort in the first place Fat Princess

Titan game creator, was dissolved in Epic Games China. Games project carbon "is the first AirMech
, a free-to-play action-RTS hybrid title debuted in the browser and the PC, especially by through Chrome.

is currently in alpha, but metaphysically existed since at least 2009 before Fat Princess
Sony even launched.


, c This is my baby, "game director James Green said at the fair Joystiq PAX East where carbon is the sixteenth Megabooth independent games. "We threw at Sony before Joystiq
Fat Princess

, but could not."

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Systems Administrator - Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC San Diego, CA, USA

Be part of computer entertainment more exciting and innovative in North America. Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) markets the PlayStation ® family of products and develops, publishes, markets and distributes software for the PS ¢ ONEA  " ¢ console, PlayStation ® 2 and PlayStation ® 3 Computer Entertainment  systems and PlayStation Portable (PspA ¢  " ¢).

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Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims review

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Big in Japan March 26-April 1: Kingdom Hearts 3D


RPG Square Enix brings home the gold for the update of recent sales, sales of advanced 3DS.

Fun fact: Kingdom Hearts 3D features a digital Jeff Bridges.

As the end of the week of March 26 ended on April Fool's Day, the only company who laughed his way to the bank was of Square Enix. The company launched the latest version of the popular franchise Kingdom Hearts, May 29 and consequently won first place in the media in recent update to create sales.

Trivia:. Kingdom Hearts 3D Jeff Bridges has a digital camera

The Square Enix RPG has sold 213,579 in one week early. The last Kingdom Hearts game pits players in the shoes of Sora and Riku, players switch between characters depending on the amount left indicator drop in the game The game also features the return of the bridge system last seen in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. In addition, players can use the pad fixing Circle Pro to control the camera in the game For more information, see the latest news GameSpot in the title.
Just below hearts 3D UK are two versions of Pro Baseball Spirits 2012. The PS3 version sold 90,433 units, while the PSP sold 60,141 units. The last of the series of simulation length baseball redesigned graphics and a commentator again.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was still high in the charts. 3DS title action was fourth with 47.179 units. For more information on the title, check out GameSpot review. The only DS title in the charts, Pokemon: Conquest (before Pokemon: Ambition Nobunaga), was in fifth place with 30.535 units sold. The new sole title Vita, New History of Little King, not even reaching the top 10 in the list. Wearing a Wii title has been rated 19 with 7.141 units sold.

In material terms, the 3DS there was an increase in sales due to the influence of the new Kingdom Hearts title. Portable Nintendo remained on top with 121,921 units sold, while other Sony equipment behind. The PS3 sold 23.771 units, while the PSP has sold 18.356 units. PS Vita The number of sales increased from 10.302 units in the last update of 12.105 units.

TOP game sales in Japan March 26 to April 1


Rank / Title / Author / platform / unit sale

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Sony Taking Down PSP Titles In Response To Vita Hackers


Rodriguez writes, "the hacker community has found a way to run unsigned code Vita by exploiting weaknesses in the PSP games available for download on the PSN Store in response, Sony has made the parties involved is not available for download for all platforms -. PSP and Vita -. even if you have already paid for it and he had not had the chance to download yet, in the case of "Tennis everyone, the game was removed from the PSN in the world after having praised the community modding the game is exploitable, but first exploit was published by him. Sony is too overzealous in their fight against piracy? "

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Confirmed: Sony shuts down studio behind SOCOM, MAG

Sony shuts Zipper Interactive

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