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Final Fantasy XIII-2 tops UK games chart

After six weeks at the top, FIFA 12 is reduced to four, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the first release to return to number one in 2012.

A story-based DLC for Lightning will be coming later this year.

has been no change in the card games in the UK this week with three new releases that go straight to the top five. Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix-2 has jumped straight to the top of the table of all sizes, ending 12 years of FIFA's six week reign at number one. The game was released with DLC, with the Lightning and Master Sergeant Battle Coliseum Amodar be for sale this week, with a little more episodic content. For those who do not know of their Moogles Chocobos, do not forget to visit the GameSpot guide to the long-running series.

a DLC based on the story of Ray coming later this year.

Another new top five is the collection of Konami Metal Gear Solid in HD, which entered the charts at number two this week. With the remastered versions of Speed ??Metal PlayStation 2 Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Metal Gear Solid titles and 3: Snake Eater, the collection also includes HD Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker the PSP.

SoulCalibur V

is also new to the table this week, entering at number five. Despite the positive results of the examination and the appearance of Ezio Auditore Firenze murderer, did not meet the number SoulCalibur IV for a new beginning in August 2008 that left over Wii Fit first.

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