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Stick Man Rescue gets to the chopper on PS Minis

TikGames new 'PlayStation Mini puts you in control of a helicopter to pick up the little stick men in a series of unfortunate situations.
Rescue Stick Man
sounds like a version of the stick


because it is responsible for collecting a number of staff men at each level, preventing them from "being burned alive, beheaded, crashed, exploded, electrocuted, dissolved by the acid, and other classic death" by the henchmen of the evil blue suit. To help you get through the death traps, you can move your helicopter weapons. Stick save the man to be a distinct advantage when it debuted in Europe in January and 10 January 4 in North America. The rest of us plebes PlayStation will be able to purchase in Europe on January 18 and January 24 in North America.


: Stick Man Rescue (PSP/PS3)


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