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PS Vita bilinear filtering makes PSP games look better

PS Vita bilinear filtering makes PSP games look better screenshot

play games on the PSP PlayStation Vita new to see some visual improvement with optional bilinear filtering system. Sony Japan says that softens the harshness of PSP games. I guess the big screen, bright Vita shows the harshness of PSP games easily.

Tapping and hold the screen while playing a PSP game Vita, a menu of options, and there you can select the filter option, with options for the right analog stick and the use of other .. 4Gamer said that once they have found this option a bit hidden, made smooth graphics and text, but said he did not have a huge effect on

Monster Hunter Portable


. This video shows the menu items at a time and filtering at work in the PSP game

Final Fantasy Type-0

Photo Photo Photo There is an image that has been around, and provides a detailed overview of the effects of this option. You can see part of the picture above. The left you will see the image without a filter on the right shows the effect applied. Another Japanese blog shows changes in the text, as we shall see below the jump.

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