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Preview: PixelJunk 4am

Preview: PixelJunk 4am screenshot

Genre music / rhythm is full of experiences that a person reductionist might call "the performance of the simulator." In essence, games like Rock Band

design a successful experience notes - either with your voice or a controller that looks like a tool - and the reward for what they are doing well. However, some games actually allow you to participate in the act of music with the drivers, even small adjustments to follow offers

DJ Hero 1

had a rather limited, and more mow a simple report with additional air horns and scratches of entry.

It's not exactly surprising, since it is difficult to imagine the DualShock as a device for creating music. However, a study, Q-Games, PlayStation Move looked and saw its potential for use in creating a unique musical experience. PixelJunk
4:00 , formerly known as
PixelJunk realistic
, "is not a game itself," says producer Matt Morton. Whatever you call it, is the interactive experience more innovative and creative I've seen in the window of the PlayStation vacation last week in New York.



(PlayStation Move) 2

Developer: Q-Games Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment



: Spring 2012

Photo Photo Photo PixelJunk

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