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How to use PS Vita with more than one PSN account

How to use PS Vita with more than one PSN account screenshot


possible to use a Vita, with more of a PlayStation Network account. And despite what others say, is not that difficult to pass between two or more accounts. Seriously! Importers have been on the fence after the first reports, then this article should ease your mind a bit. Earlier this month Sony went back and forth on how the accounts operated Vita PSN. He ended the discussion by saying that the system is locked in a PSN account, and that's correct. When configuring the system, use the account that is linked to the material. You will have to go through a process of breaking this link and create a new account.

We will take you through how to do it. The process is a little scary as you go, but we tried a couple of times. If done correctly, you will not lose any of your saved games or data, and activation of the system is online.


PSN accounts in the Vita PS:

1. Backup

Assuming you have already configured your Vita with a PSN account, and you are willing to use another, you make a backup of the game data and saves in the first place. I was particularly nervous the first time I tried it, after saving games Vita several games stored in the system.

The backup process is easy, however. Simply connect to a PC or PS3 Vita and use the Content Manager. You need the Sony software for use on PC. "Backup" is one of the four options proposed in this application. Select this option to empty the entire contents of memory on the connected device. You will be able to restore it with one touch by applying the afternoon.

If you do not need a full system backup, you can simply choose to export your saved games.

2. Disable System Restore and PS Vita

You need to "restore" Vita PS to get into the account you want to use. This means that the data and settings will be reset to factory standards, and will have to configure the system again. The good news is that this process is very


important : Please note that you must disable the Vita when connected to a PSN account for future use. You may not want to do from a PC, since only one activation is given every six months! Disabling Vita it is for you to go back without a problem. To do this you go to the configuration application, select the PlayStation Network, then choose the activation of the system and follow the instructions.

Or, you can begin the restoration process of the Vita. The system should encourage them to turn off the system before the restoration. You should also ask if you want to delete all data from the memory card. The whole process takes less than a minute.

3. Set the Vita with your PSN account other.

is simply a matter of another sign in with your PSN account. Again, the installation process only takes a minute or two. Let's set the language, date / time, and see the movie opening required idiot. Then you're good to go!

4. Reload save files and content.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Content Manager makes it easy to select what they want back in your Vita. Note that you will not be able to move more games that belong to another PSN account, but saves and other data to function properly.

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