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Comments of the Week: Here to fix the plumbing

Comments of the Week: Here to fix the plumbing screenshot

Chicka bow wow.

comments of the week is a feature I found on the home page, community blogs, forums, social media and dirt to comment. What makes you think, make you laugh and cry as you do (as well as laughter), and consolidate them in a package of entertainment for the viewing pleasure of you, the Destructoid community.

comments are divided into three categories:

, support for light jazz adult entertainment

LOL: funny
support to Animal Planet adult entertainment ..

WUT? Support
Jaws theme of adult entertainment.

Mega Man X remake
iOS is ... uh ... day tell my grandchildren about the buttons and how they were wonderful.

which is not good in an online game? It's like catnip to rub all over and you jump into a tiger enclosure.

wonderful world that sends horrible to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Jak & Daxter

egg puns? Of course, you yolking.

YOU BELIEVE THAT LOVE CAN Bloom in Los Angeles bro game.

Microsoft withdraws its support through BSA SOUP

God thank you, the Member States until it ... wait, which is PopeCat

I am
for search for images of "Mario dirty." See you next week.

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