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WWE 12 - review


360/PS3/Wii, £ 39.99, 12 + certified, Yukes / THQ

A friend of mine who is a massive fight fan once told me that the WWE audience (and indeed most shows control) is divided into two camps. Marks and sparks

Marks said, believe what you see is real. These are people young enough in mind to be swept away by the spectacle of pure wrestling and truly surprised when a check-sided defeat.

Sparks, on the contrary, he says, continue to struggle as much as they do business as a form of entertainment. This group could see the potential of the betrayal of Montreal before that happens, and more than likely be able to say that the high-level superstars are fundamentalist Christians.

If my partner definitions are valid when the two marks and sparks is much to enjoy the WWE 12. The game is ready to burst with the content and customization options, and offers a pretty decent, if slightly flawed experience of the struggle.

however, is that so far is some areas by a mechanical AI erratic and annoying battle. It also contains a large 12-hour, which is as dull as a dishwasher and - strangely if you're a Spark - played completely straight


likely to look beyond the flaws of the game, while the sparks might decide that it is too much to bear and all the other probably will not care.

First, the good news: developer Yukes has gone to town with creative tools, and players have a huge list of options for building your wrestling superstar. Players can choose the sex of their superstars, build, facial features, clothing, tone, audience reaction and even create stories, videos and short entry for them.

Customizing Your

or deep as you want, you can customize every inch of your superstar, or just a few movements of a bolt of purple hair on the skin of the face white woman sport, if c ' is your thing.

Players can also create their own offers of payment types match, require the attendance of each fight and plaster logos all over the place. You can even go to the list of predefined sets and confusion among the dozens of established stars.

beyond its creative tools, WWE has a 12-line mode, a road to Wrestlemania single player campaign, and the strength of the WWE in which players can play through a series of matches and match types in WWE events.

Imagine a steady stream of RAW, SmackDown and PPV events, without arguments, where players can simulate games or participate. Then take the appearance of the stars of yesteryear in the fight and just about have WWE Universe.

multiplayer mode gives players the opportunity to compete against friends and strangers online, but at the time of this review, there were not many games available to participate in more than one head up a head and a three-way tag. We can say, however, that about half of the parties who participated in issues far behind.

The Road to Wrestlemania is the main single-player campaign consists of three stories - the villain, the hero and abroad. It's a juicy piece of the game which takes about 12 hours or more players to play.

is a pity, as this chunk of the game is probably the worst part of the game. It's not just that the stories are quite unattractive to begin with - and plagued by poor voice acting start - is that more often than not, that intrude on the action in the ring

At some points, the player will be able to reverse this situation, or take a hit RT when asked to make it appear above the head of his fight. The problem here is that if the request is timely, is leaving the counter.

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