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Worms, Team17 and the future of Britsoft

Yorkshire based

Team17 Worms game brought their artillery basic strategy for all gaming platforms imaginable in the past 16 years. But how can a study of their success and what is the next to the legend of the British stage of development

late eighties, the scene of the British game was dominated by a stratum of regional publishing, developers often work at a computer retailer or business parks at a distance, with a handful people. Ocean, Gremlin, Psygnosis, Codemasters ... names engraved in the memory banks of veteran players,. Most of them have disappeared

Based in West Yorkshire and was formed in 1990, Team17 is always there, and still flourishing. The company spent the first part of the decade singing style shooters and friendly Alien X Race and the project, before he met a young aspiring programmer Andy Davidson in the hall of Commerce of the European team in 1994. Andy had a demo of a game called Total Wormage style artillery, originally developed for a magazine contest. He did not win, but saw the potential of Team17 title - its blend of humor and compelling multiplayer combat Python style - and signed the instrument on site.

17 years later, the worm was released at least 25 different platforms, the Amiga, through the SNES, Jaguar and each iteration of the PlayStation and mobile base Java and the latest smartphones. The ingredients have remained constant - teams of annelid worms ultimate turn-based fighting combat using a variety of weapons ridiculous. There have been adjustments to graphics, titles, many in 3D, and several new additions to the arsenal, but in essence, everyone knows what they are getting a Worms title. In this sense, is the response of many North Britain Tetris. And with its emphasis on a missile based on the physical, is also a precursor of Angry Birds.


Team17 has survived while many of his contemporaries faded? And what is the fantasy series has to offer? Mayhem last worm has been released on PC and XBLA, Worms Crazy Golf and about coming to the PSN, and Steam IOS we spoke with the study director, Debbie Bestwick ...

What is your publishing model now?

Our publishing model is quite simple. We self-publish and fund our games on as many platforms as possible so, with the exception of the partnership we have with EA on some mobile devices. This will remain the way for the foreseeable future. We want our own product and to control the way that hits the market. It is not always the fastest way to a new platform, but have control over their products is a need in the future as an independent study, in our opinion. We have also moved into the area of ??general merchandise and will be interesting to see how it goes. About a dozen offers are already underway and should begin to see signs Worms, stuffed animals, T-shirts, toys, etc., coming in the stores on this side of Christmas.

business to move to an electronic format only a couple of years. What motivated this decision and how has it worked?

First, it started the digital distribution of some of our PC games around ten years through various online sites, but a few years ago out of place to digital distribution on consoles. What really happened more by accident than plan. We worm released for Xbox Live Arcade to our publishing partners while THQ and was rejected by them, so we decided to go it alone.

Microsoft has been great support for us and fortunately it paid off, because the worm is the best selling game to date, second on the Xbox Live Arcade. Following the launch of Xbox Live Arcade, we spent with the release of Worms on the PlayStation Network and Steam, once again topped the charts in both. He also launched a version of Worms in the Apple App Store in 2009 and have seen good results there too, like worms was number one in over 40 countries and five over 70.

I also just said to the just hit number one on the "pay" Android Marketplace - with our partners and an EA EA Mobile, the first issue and it is very rewarding. I would say it has worked well for us and we hope that by the end of next year we will have everybody that we want to be covered digitally. This does not mean that we have given back 100% in retail trade, which has had some success recently with the retail versions and some of our plans for the future also

So what do you think was the eternal appeal of the game? Is there something that can target

Although there was a lot of style artillery games, certainly to a kind of "X-Factor "that makes people want to play, I think that it is easy to learn but hard to master, it offers a real contrast to the deep aspect of the game is also the visual characters -.. main are cute and stupid is that weapons surreal and fun, the multiplayer is the big social element. These, with a sense of humor, have been key elements of sustainable use.

How to the development team changed since 1995? Are there members who have been there all along

had a lot of consistency within the development team, and to be honest there are some reasons original equipment still there and working on current and future titles. I think it's one of the magic ingredients.

Being an independent publisher today have a certain resemblance to the operation in the nineties? Some people compare the current market for digital games scene late eighties - a large number of independent studies working alone to produce interesting tracks. Do you see those comparisons?

Yes and no to be honest. In fact, I think there are many more opportunities these days in general. If we were talking about PSN, XBLA and Steam I tend to think, but with the mobile phone and on the side of the browser thrown in, is bigger and better than 80. Digital distribution has eliminated the cost of manufacturing and physical distribution, so that the entry point is much lower today than at the time. In any case, the App Store remember the scene in the 80 shareware, just shake and organized, and is a great place to be.

What do you think of the British scene dev right now? What are the main challenges?

think it's like a mix as usual. There are some developers have a wonderful time, well, a decent life and a few others who are struggling to stay afloat and survive.

So many good studies have closed over the last 12 months and is boring. Many of them were held by the major publishing houses that, for some reason did not want to invest time in either change or extension of skill sets in the studies - Instead of closing, cancellation millions spent to buy a few years ago. It is simply unthinkable. Ironically, most of the guys that fell in areas now digital / social, does exactly what their ex-owners trying to buy in other studies.

Are you at all optimistic about the future of game development in the UK

I am personally very optimistic "AA > because now we have multiple platforms, a wider, more direct sales channels to consumers and entry costs lower than ever for all developers. However, I fear for education funding intellectual property worthless or solid - get a new mobile and IP account of social development is very expensive and very difficult to do, if not impossible, but it's a remote possibility. Paid work in the traditional platforms is so aggressive, not only because of the lack of tax incentives in this country that does not allow us to compete on an equal footing, but also competition from low- costs also good skill games as well.

A key challenge Indian studies will be its ability to adapt to change, expand your skills without seriously increasing overhead. Our traditional market has changed forever with the introduction of smart phones, social games and digital storefronts. It changes so quickly. We have a roadmap 24/36 months at a time, but in terms of business plans, reviewing three months in advance on some platforms, which means having staff who are flexible, not only skill wise, but that can adapt quickly.

Back to Worms. What do you think were some of the favorite weapons in the past 15 years?

most iconic weapon is the bazooka, grenades, baseball bat and the Holy Hand Grenade - the tribute of stupidity brilliant Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

How the hell you get to some of the dark?

The donkey infamous concrete is a very destructive weapon that falls from the sky, breaking its way through the landscape and to crush all beneath. The origin of this is that the mother of Andy Davidson actually had a concrete donkey in the garden of the family, and is used to give you nightmares that put him in the game! The Inflatable Scouser last Worms Mayhem is our tribute to the characters of Harry Enfield "Scouser", while the strike bomb Fat Guy Fatkins inspired by the Atkins diet aa ...

Got a favorite?

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