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This Vita Game Will Have You Walking On the Walls [Vita Colors]

Avons Noûs n'avez l'Industrie du divertissement HNE Manière très bon versez l'oie d'or de noix Every occasion. Every foie qu'un service de nouveau en ligne Vraiment fel des Gens de l'échine infraction, peur et l'Industrie dans ce Nous est Faisons plaignent Assez Service de l'argent Compétent IUP Le écrou. PAR EXEMPLE, Les Gens Ont télévision clairement l'écrou voudraient qu'ils Hulu
si Lui-même
. ILS sont préoccupés Tellement paire "cannibaliser" les Qui sont Revenus de flux de noix Vieilles Puits Nouveau eux. CELA BNO Avons arriverait PREDIT que l'IL ya quelques Années, et C'EST CE Qui amusant voir en Temps bobine est passe.

raison entre la direction d'Hulu (Qui sont Assez clued in) et la Propriété Que je faire with La Société voulais, Hulu sur mon recemment Été un solvant l'. Toutefois, dans le train Qui d'Offre émergent Hulu very much, plus petits deviennent owner veulent eux - et C'EST PARCE qu'ils Ont fel savoir qu'il clairement Couper Envisager gratuits en provenance TOUS LES Contenus Hulu:

Maïs TOUS LES soumissionnaires Assez rapidement, ils décident sociétés de télévision Qui Maintenant possédent Enlever sans veulent Hulu publicité, l'intégralité du contenu Supporte. DES Donc l'ensemble des contrats Hulu actuel expirera la DANS UNE quelques d'Années, serait de retour à la table des négociations.
donc à person OFFRIR n'était plus de disposer de 2 milliards $ - et les gars la télévision (bien au sud) Je Pense qu'il Beaucoup Plus Que CELA VAuto, quand meme ILS sont «noix Le essayait Eh bien, près à UNE exception:. Apparemment, Google HNE prêt payeur un environnement de dollars de 4000 $ ... MAIS SEULEMENT sous-faire seront les conditions Certaine (significatif Ce Qui Les Enfants à la télévision provocateur probablement renewable / garantie des accords de Futurs). Alors, félicitations les gars arrière regarder à la télévision, non SEULEMENT Hulu mar., mar. Qui a Travers reviendra-vous bien ne-peut donc La Société de L'Argent Même pas dedans. Lien permanent
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seems that Apple is poised to expand its manufacturing operations in Brazil, where a new factory of Foxconn is already in place and ready iPads to produce, according to a report by the national media outlet


. Aolizio Mercadante, the Minister of Science and Technology, confirmed the news this week during a hearing before the Committee on Economic Affairs. "At first many doubted, but it will be the first time that [Apple] iPads occur outside China," said Mercadante. "We're taking a big step for digital inclusion in the country." Located Jundiaí, the new facility was built in a joint venture between Foxconn and the Brazilian government, with the first that would have paid $ 12 million for the initiative. Rumors of an expansion of South America began circulating earlier this year, with many expecting Foxconn based in Brazil to launch operations in the first quarter of 2012, according to
DigiTimes . Construction, however, seems to have wrapped up earlier than expected, saying shipments will begin in December iPad Mercadante. Apple, meanwhile, did not comment on the report. Report: Foxconn plant in the loan business in Brazil, will begin shipping in the business in December originally appeared on Engadget on Fri September 16, 2011 6:15:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. source
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Police said the case

Ormerod Jake is a classic example of vulnerable girls "preparation" for the use of sex

Think of the English Riviera, and the image that comes to mind is palm trees, beaches and great hotels old. However, a few streets behind the seafront in Torquay are some of the poorest regions in the south-west England.

Social Services Section of Torbay Council website summarizes: "The popular image of Torbay as a tourist destination cache significant levels of poverty and deprivation over a quarter of all children living in Torbay in poverty and others. communities above the general level of poverty. "

This was the atmosphere

Jake Ormerod exploited him and his friends took advantage of the most vulnerable girls lack the 11 - no homeless children sleeping in the street, but the kind of young people from difficult environments could escape for a night or two. During the past year 267 children were listed as missing in Torbay. Police agree that many others have disappeared and has not been reported. The victims are known to include more girls were "treated" by the local authority.

Ormerod and his group will meet at the entrance of girls in school, roaming the streets of Babbacombe, where he lived with his mother or near Ellacombe Ormerod. According to the police but also contact with the girls on social networking sites like Facebook or through other friends.

group plying the girls with cider, beer and cannabis and often end up having sex with them. Victims such as alcohol and drugs and are often flattered that older men, as Ormerod interested in them. Many thought that men like their friends.

"Some girls think Jake and his companions were good," one who is 16, knew Ormerod and his circle. "They were places you could go and away from your family and relax with a drink and a cigarette."

Detective Inspector Simon Snell

, who led the investigation of child abuse Torbay, said it was "the classical behavior of preparedness" to make victims feel "desired and liked it. "

"This is a feature of cases of child exploitation that sometimes the child believed to have fallen in love with the aggressor and who was certainly the case Ormerod," he said. "But it was not love. It was a predatory behavior."


Cases of child sexual abuse came to public attention in February 2011 when the letters were written thousands of parents with children in each school to inform you that Devon and Cornwall police were investigating the operation "serial sexual youth." maps created great concern and has attracted national media.

But it remains unclear how many girls have been victims, in part because many of them for various reasons, are unwilling or too afraid to cooperate with the police.

far under what was code-named Operation Mansfield, police and other agencies have taken steps to "protect" children 139, but that does not necessarily mean that they are direct victims. Police sources say they are confident that at least 40 victims were actually abused.

police are reluctant, for operational reasons, to say that many men believe they were involved. This will only be reduced to "under 10".

Simon Snell will agree that the questions of why the police did not Ormerod and how far the police have worked with other agencies involved in child care.

Torbay Council refuses to discuss the details of its participation. In 2010, he was severely criticized for failures in child protection. A letter from Torbay Ofsted warned that the safeguard clause was "inadequate overall, with some children and young people who are left at risk of significant harm."

A report released last month by the Center for Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), said the problem of agencies not working together.

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politicians who blame the riots on the lack of discipline in schools were all wrong, says

Phil Beadle

Therefore, citizenship classes were a success, then! And next week, lessons on the subject of countless good citizenship begins with the teacher asks, "So what can we learn from these riots?"

"Well, sir, man, I learned you have to try things before they spoil or get something that does not suit you. Do not go with his handkerchief "

The reaction of the commentators and political unrest was predictable: the voices of the pontificate unlevened right views for any type of experience of people who rightly decry, and the voices on the left who try to justify an outbreak of rampant crime as a response almost led to the current administration of the "scorched earth for the poor" policies.

is the right answer, however, which shows the perverse perspective on the relationship between cause and effect.

attended the Prime Minister, with his coarse simplistic, the "broken society" slogan, to identify the following: ". The next part of our attack is against what is happening in our schools, "The heir to the throne weight:" Schools do not have enough enough extracurricular activities organized games and activities .. "John Howell , Conservative MP for Henley, calls for "more discipline in our schools," and a priest has no idea of ??the riots as evidence of the need to "rebuild education" and begins jibbering about "ethos".

Why does not anyone asking that the riots occurred in long-term time? Even if they did, I have a strong suspicion of participation under 18 have declined significantly. First, the perturbations in a night school is probably beyond the limits, even in the house of the city center. Second, there were rumors every day of the worst epidemics it was created. Had this been the case of meetings in the course, each school have criticized the accuracy mobilized military, keep children in school, texting parents to pick them up, arrange transportation, and calling for no one had been any doubt about the possible consequences of the behavior dangerously irresponsible.

measured, reasoned responses to the problems were in the teaching profession, their representatives and partner organizations.
John Murphy, director of education at the Oasis Community Learning, which was the principal of two schools for children with emotional and behavioral difficulties, puts the nail on the head: "In Recent riots that adopted by political reasons to complex problems. The reality is that those involved were not a group with one of the reasons. They were opportunistic, gang members and there were people who are totally excluded from any involvement with civil society. "

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There is a word missing from all these recent political dramas. The art of government, the ability to govern

political crisis usually come with Whoopee cushion: unintentional comic interludes cut through the pump and point us to what is really happening. Indeed, the three major cliffhangers from last week, had a time of celebration - and it should be noted

start at the White House last Friday. Crisis talks amount the government can borrow were broken and the U.S. face the prospect of repaying their loans. Barack Obama addresses the nation - only instead of sounding like the leader of the free world, which comes out as Carrie Bradshaw complaining about her boyfriend. Negotiated with Republican John Boehner, will not return your phone calls and the president "has left on the altar ... A couple of times." No captain. A superpower was defeated by the commitment phobia right. Obama has a question for the Republicans plaintive: "Can you say yes to anything"

Then the phone-hacking scandal. John Bercow told the newspaper Saturday that, by taking Murdoch, members have "rediscovered their collective balls." The speaker means that as a good thing, but, inevitably, questions arise: where you said orbs go, and led the offense scissors

Finally, Thursday in Brussels. Angela Merkel and other European leaders have agreed to save the euro. Filtering the most interesting section declares a "Marshall Plan" for Greece. Really? Programme Roosevelt to rebuild war-torn Europe in costs of approximately 5% of GDP U. S. - The high comparison only emphasizes the smallness of the euro version, and get a grunt of derision from newsrooms and trading floors across Europe. At the official launch of the Agreement, any reference to a Marshall Plan was deleted off.

these moments of light relief to have a common theme. To illustrate how a missing word continues all these dramas. Their absence helps to explain both the U.S. and European debt crisis, and why, with just a little fishy, ??Westminster has come to resemble a government Murdoch clan, the clan Murdoch, the Murdoch clan . The word is the art of governing.

is true, is an obsolete term. The art of government is not even its own entry in Wikipedia, and when placed in service at all, is in reference to height or wars. But its original meaning is the practice of using the levers of state and government to make things difficult to do otherwise would not occur. Being able to hit and hitting the head and face pictures of their opponents. The ability, in short, to govern.

As for Britain, the main

Minister meets International News

24 frames time in just over a year, David Cameron, admitted this month, at least in part on the work of appeasement rather than the government. Nor were the previous lot better, was the leader, Tony Blair, the staff wrote last week's media relations boss:
"It was a battle for power and could not win. " This does not mean that classes are always fully Westminster or impotent. The last moment of a great statesman was three years ago, when Alistair Darling, made in the banks affected by the crisis to Fred Goodwin described as a "shoot", and all but nationalized the two biggest names in the high street. However, work never equaled, if not monitored. Taxpayers own RBS and Lloyds, but have little say in how they run.

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Jetset life is revealed in grants detailed in the corporate director of lifestyle forced the hand of the Secretary of Defense

Thursday night, even the friends of Liam Fox, he would have feared to resign after months of revelations about his relationship with his best man Undeclared Adam Werritty.

The final revelation seems to have forced the Secretary of Defense of the loop came Friday from documents showing that his counsel had received personal style of £ 147 000 companies that had paid for lifestyle jet -set.

those who had paid money to Werrity company Pargav Ltd, including a business intelligence company with alleged ties with Sri Lanka, a real estate investor that Israel Lobbyists and venture capital.

The money, according to the donor, it was supposed to help efforts to promote peace. In the process, which paid for the five-star hotels and travel first class for Werritty. And in some locations, the Fox had met with the heads of state and foreign general.

The revelations of a trail of money and other meetings have been found does not seem to be decisive in the decision to leave Fox.

was revealed Friday that Werritty was the hidden hand behind Pargav Ltd, a non-profit. According to the Times, six different financial institutions paid £ 147,000 - £ 35,000 for each site - the company since October last year. The entities include Real Estate Tamarisk, an investment company owned by Poju Zabludowicz, a donor who is also the Conservative chairman and major donors of Bicom, an organization that lobbies for Israel.

Zabludowicz, 57, born in Helsinki and now lives in Hampstead, is one of the richest men in Britain. It has some investments in the arms industry - his father built the Israeli company Soltam weapons in the 1950s after working closely with Shimon Peres, the then Director General of the Ministry of Defence Israel


A spokesman said he had a "legacy" weapons business in the United States, but added that it was an important part of his empire. Most of his assets were in the property, he said.

"Any suggestion that benefited from this relationship [with Pargav] would be completely wrong," he said. "For many years, Poju Zabludowicz helped fund non-profit, people do not, because of their passion for promoting peace and understanding between the peoples of the United States, Europe and the Middle East. "

Another company, G3 Good Governance Group, a private intelligence company, has donated £ 15 000 Pargav informed that he intended to go to the charity work.

private company, which provides advice on the risk of foreign investment and research services, has attracted little media attention until this week. He styles as "independent strategic consulting firm" that offers "insight, analysis and advice to help executives make informed decisions and get the value in complex situations." It is said that the site of the "priority to the integrity, confidentiality and trust."

which operates out of a building poor in Mayfair, and was chaired by Chester Crocker, U. S. Secretary of State for African Affairs under President Ronald Reagan, at least since 2005.

Reports claim that £ 583.34
accounts left the company Dec. 21 to pay the Palace, a five star hotel in Dubai. Ministry of Defence files showed that Fox was also in the city of the UAE in December 17-22.
Pargav, according to reports, the track back in Dubai in June Werritty, when set to a meeting with Fox for Harvey Boulter, a British businessman.

In Sri Lanka the following month, the accounts of the reports have shown that retirement Werritty £ 117.73 Hatton National Bank.

records show that Companies House is Werritty Director Pargav, despite being the only employee in the foreground. Oliver Hylton, adviser to the charity of a hedge fund, told reporters Friday that he had signed as a director, after being invited by Werritty. Werritty said was a "consultant of some sort" Fox "Adam is a good and honest man. Just live, "he said. Hylton said he had met with Tory donor Werritty.

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preliminary ruling on patents in 1994 and 1996 could result in the payment of license fees for HTC phones - or an import ban by the end of the year

Apple has won a preliminary ruling by a judge of the U.S. trade panel that Taiwanese phone maker HTC Corp. infringed on two patents for the Californian company.

The victory may mean that Apple can go after other expenses Android handset makers licensing, although the decision must be ratified by a full panel. It could also allow Apple to demand a ban on imports to the United States against HTC by the end of the year.

HTC, which uses the Google Android operating system for its smartphones, said that "fighting force" to find infringement.

risk for manufacturers of Android phones that it is very likely that all Android devices infringe the patents, which were introduced in 1994 and 1996, said Florian Mueller, a patent expert in many battles swirling around the company smartphone.

Apple also filed a complaint against Samsung and may be able to attack Motorola on the same basis.

issue patents cover "system and method for performing an action in a data structure generated by computer," U. S. Patent No. 5946647, filed in 1996 and awarded in 1999.

Essentially, it allows items such as email addresses or phone numbers to be recognized so that when activated by a mouse or a smartphone with a finger, activate the program.


this idea as "data detectors", implemented by the Advanced Technology Group of Apple - Steve Jobs, was dissolved when he took over as CEO in 1997.


said the offense in detail, considering that Android has a "scan server" for "the detection of structures in the data" and other details that aligns exactly with the contour of his patent.

although preliminary, the decision will be closely dissected, as one of the first Apple and other manufacturers using Android smartphones.

HTC and Microsoft is supposed to pay $ 5 license fee phone after its accession to the demands of the application on their mobile phone "Android violates a number of Microsoft patents.

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children in homes could go to better schools - but almost never do. Why is the system that is failing?

Dan is 11. This month began in high school. He lives in the poor district of the city and their caregivers is sent to the school round the corner. It is in special measures and is underwritten, with results that are nothing special. But Dan does not know.

Dan has been in the care of local authorities since he was a tot. As a child I was then, Dan could have gone to all schools that elected local authorities. Children in care had the "highest priority" of income since 1998. It is a right that the government insists that it is the conservation, but critics warn that is affected by the academies greater control and free schools are given on the entry of students.

As things are, "priority" has many of these vulnerable children in schools highlights. England looked at 64,500 children, some of the weaker sections of society are, paradoxically, it is much more likely to attend low-performing schools than their peers, as shown by figures from the Ministry of Education.

A total of 16% of children in care, against 10% of their peers, go to the lowest achieving schools principal, according to new data tool for green design local authorities. A 11-year, 10% go to high schools, where less than 35% of students receiving five good GCSEs as mathematics and English, compared to 6% of all children.

Once there, many of them fail. Last year, 49% of teenagers looked-after failing to get five GCSEs, compared with 7% of all students. Although the situation is improving, adolescents and children of the Foundation (Touch) estimates that this group will loose 50 years to equal the average of the other achievements of 16 years. At 18, the statistics are so grim. Only 7% of looked after young people come to college, against 40% of their peers.

The battle was won admission to the paper, but not in reality, says Kevin Williams, executive director of touch. And do not be won until the host families and social workers to develop the aspirations of the "strong shoulder" middle-class parents.

caregivers Dan, like many of those who provide temporary housing for the rapidly growing number of children in care, not flourish academically. They see the school as all the same and books as boring. Do not push him to do his job as "the poor fellow has enough on his plate already." Also, do not think it will be with them for a long time, as finding its provocative behavior.


Dan needs is a stable situation with caregivers who believe in education. "They should focus on education from day one. It's never too early to start talking with children in college," said Sonia Jackson, professor emeritus of education and social studies at the Institute of Education in London.

Sue Hains
that virtual schools are at risk, says, however, his tireless efforts to deal with students making a difference. Fundamental to its success is that most of them are managed by the education staff in lieu of social services. "It gives them real power ... you can talk to high school principals on an equal footing. "

Questions enough power when it comes to school admissions - an area where Michael Gove bill education, currently before Parliament, is the relaxation of the rules. The children watched as Dan can still top the list for admission, are still allowed to go to any school they want. But reality says Hains, will be different.

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'precipitated' Liberal Democrats attack

measures such as higher housing charities condemned the threat of expulsion

coalition efforts to present a united front in the riots were under pressure to senior Liberal Democrat has called for an end to "instinctive" reactions of politicians and warned that those involved Stripping your benefits could exacerbate crime in the streets.

In a clear sign of tension between the government parties, the Liberal Democratic Party deputy leader, Simon Hughes, insists that the long-term solution lies in supporting communities by providing opportunities and redistribute wealth does not reduce the assistance of state taxes and cuts for the rich.

an article in the Observer

said: "We must show ambition to be a responsible society where everyone understands and is aware of their obligations to others. This means that you should not cut taxes for the rich or remove public support for the needy. "

referring to plans, supported by many conservatives, reduce benefits and to expel the families of the rioters and looters from their homes, Hughes, whose district in South London, Bermondsey and Old Southwark one of the largest municipal housing, said:

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg as

, also warned against "instinctive" reactions, comments Hughes was approved by the spokesman of the Liberal Democratic Party said, Jenny Willott, who said he was "very concerned" movement reduces benefits for those involved in the riots, when the same penalty that would not apply to others who had committed crimes as serious.

"One obvious problem is that if people can not afford to turn on the purchase of crime. I fully understand people's desire to end the problem, but it is important that we do not make things worse, "said Willott.

With the support of David Cameron, Conservative Wandsworth council was the first to try to evict tenants who had been caught in the riots. The Prime Minister also promised to support "zero tolerance", where the police are prosecuted and said in a series of tough measures announced in the coming months to combat crime and to take the streets. "We did not speak the language of zero tolerance enough, but the message is to come," he said.

Kate Green, Labour MP and former CEO of Group action against child poverty, said the expulsions were wrong. "It is absolutely normal that people should go through the process because of the courts, but these expulsions are something completely different. A whole family should be deported because of the conduct of members of the family, and his brothers found themselves without the house is not correct at all.

"Children are indeed to be punished twice for the situation of social exclusion in which they are required so that the children of other families will never be."

Hughes also argues that the duration of sanctions should be imposed on ex-offenders and "those who must make the best examples," such as parents and people at work, the system must treat young people no criminal record carefully. "We must be wary of punishment for young people with no criminal record, the population of school age or out of school, unemployed and without prospects, short prison sentences could be a deterrent for all the community so far. also offered little can be treated with little respect for their judgments. "
In an interview with The Observer, Ed Miliband, said that unless Cameron announced a public inquiry within 48 hours, will be launched Labour own research to examine the causes of unrest in a "national dialogue" with people in degraded areas and who have recovered from the loss. "Just not good enough to go to the old thinking, saying that these problems are limited to a lower class," he said .

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History Exhibition Manning shows how the sources are not protected by the type of security measures Wikileaks

the smallest action can have enormous impact. The decision of the Army of U. S. Bradley Manning to recruit an intelligence analyst and deploy that Iraq could, if found to have actually been the source of Wikileaks, has resulted in the largest series of leaks of military and diplomatic history.

But the reason Manning is in military custody awaiting a court martial, perhaps ultimately, is in an even smaller proportion, an error of thousands of users by email each day: selecting the "CC" and "bcc"

In a request for donations sent in 2009, which led Assange simple error inadvertently disclose the identity of the first supporters of Wikileaks from the other 58. One of them, ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, decided to use this as an opportunity to test the honesty of the site of complaints -. And "leakage" e-mail list to Wikileaks


Lamo passed the test and published its own list of donors as a whole, the coverage draws in technology and security sites on the Internet.

And it seems that this is a year later, when an isolated Bradley Manning was looking for someone to talk to, someone she could trust, which took place at Lamo.

If the records that document the interactions between the two, released this week, are authentic, Manning was presented, discussions, and within minutes were made in secret after secret of the masses of documents was went to a "crazy white haired Australian can not remain in a country very long."

The rest is history. Chatlog Lamo transferred to U.S. custody. Manning was promptly arrested. Wired magazine Chatlog Lamo received a year ago, and published excerpts. Wednesday, more than a year later, which published in its entirety.

The new material in Chatlog is revealing and disturbing. Shortly after delivering secure the confidentiality of their discussions - ". I am a journalist and a minister, you can choose either, and treat it as a confession or an interview (which was never published) and enjoy a minimum of legal protection "- the conversation revolves around Wikileaks

"I was a friend of Wikileaks," wrote Lamo. "I have repeatedly asked people downloading pirates wanted to donate. You gave me the material, not material . Semi-never better. "

"I know," said Manning. "Actually, what you noticed."

Manning had yet found Lamo and confidence without losing a year ago? It is impossible to say, and certainly unfair to blame the actions Lamo Wikileaks door "- but the incident highlights that the protection of sources is much more than computer security

Throughout the recordings, it is a truth Lamo seems to understand, while Manning. The two make a human connection: they discuss mutual friends, LGBT issues and the gay scene in Washington. Lamo, even - to some extent - flirts with Manning and complete your looks

If Lamo was always intended to make Manning, the conversation support apparent and difficult to read. Lamo Manning even offers a clear warning of the danger of trust: "I feel connected with the world ... as if they were distant relatives, "said Manning

records, which are impossible to authenticate, but are compatible with other sources, show Lamo Manning and communicate via instant messaging encryption. To discuss in detail the security measures - the Tor anonymity tool, a secure channel and encrypted online server - Manning had the equipment when it would filter, which praised Lamo as robust. Manning boasted "an NSA type" in the site had not noticed.

Manning did not appreciate that the electronic security of the connection between the source and the receiver is a small part of the filtration process. Technical records in traffic access and the network is affected by the military security - or lack thereof-. WikiLeaks or other presentation of the network

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Hospitals will be forced to try to raise money for rich foreigners, instead of treating poor patients, said Hamish Meldrum BMA

Hospitals will be forced to deal with wealthy foreigners to raise money instead of treating poor patients who are affected by the cuts of the NHS and the Government of radical pro-market, the leading doctors Britain has warned.

In an interview with The Guardian, Hamish Meldrum, chairman of the British Medical Association, predicted that government health and welfare legislation to see the NHS being rebuilt on a philosophy "based on a problem of market-based health system, not like you see in the United States.

"No, those who pay or receive a secure better than those who are not and are based on state-funded Medicare. So far our system is based on social solidarity, where patients receive the right treatment at the right time. "

said the government was forced all hospitals to become Foundation Trusts and are ready to attract domestic and foreign private patients as budgets are tight. This decision, he said, would only be possible because the government's plans to abolish the CAP limiting the proportion of hospitals can earn total revenues of health insurance.


quietly waiting time and the government to encourage private care, Meldrum said patients would return to a system where those who can take the cash advance of those in need.

"Trusts are encouraged to focus on profitable areas of work rather than the bare minimum ... such as mental health and emergency care for the elderly. It is not profitable. But the rich Arabs for heart operations. "

The intervention comes at a crucial time for the law on the health of the coalition. The BMA, which earlier this summer, has decided to launch a public campaign of opposition to the bill, joined the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Nursing - which together account for more than 500,000 in the first NHS personal health line - to fight the bill. Today, all members receive a letter from Meldrum required by law to be removed or subjected to a "material change".

The letter said: "We believe it is still inappropriate and erroneous trust market forces to shape the services it is particularly evident in the general direction of travel policy, such as expansion patient choice. "Any qualified supplier" (PAQ) on a much wider range of services, which has the potential to destabilize the economies of local health. "

Although earlier this summer, the government has stopped the progress of the bill and appointed a high-level team led by Professor Steve Field, former president of the Royal College of Physicians practitioners to review its proposals, the recommended changes - which amounts to -. 1000 amendments did not convince the BMA to abandon their opposition to the law

Meldrum said David Cameron was wrong when, in a speech in Cornwall last month the Prime Minister said that his plans for the NHS had changed beyond recognition "of the entire health profession to board ".

"I do not know where the Prime Minister receives its information to make this statement. I guess I should take a fully representative group of doctors," said Meldrum.

The BMA said it "recognizes the government's efforts to listen," but the changes that the government does not change the fundamental problems of the invoice or the worst. Meldrum said that a new bureaucracy of the NHS came with five different organizations able to purchase patient care. He also argued that the agenda of the election and the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Andrew Lansley, has remained intact.
BMA president said he was particularly concerned to pay the surgeons would be associated with clinical doctors and family would be paid to how they handled patient care. It would penalize doctors and hospitals in the poorest regions, where it was linked to the health of residents for transport, housing and employment. "The doctors in one of the areas that benefit and those in poor areas would not."

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Counter-Strike: GO
the PAX Booth is using an endoscope "alt =" Click here to read
Counter-Strike: GO the PAX Booth is using an endoscope "src =" / 08/small_explore_kotaku_videos_1855.jpg "width = 190 height = 120>

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TGS: PS Vita launches in Japan on December 17th screenshot

Vita is the Sony TGS press conference. Vita date was finally announced for Japan: December 17. It is 29.980 yen for 3G or Wi-Fi 24.980 yen. Sony says they are as much as possible in the coming months to prepare for launch.

The first will go faster than 500 000 first 3G models come with 100 free hours of data.

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traditionally has been a new title joined the ranks of the pack last Humble independent.

Trauma , an abstract game of Krystian Majewski in which players manipulate photos - and that's all set

Joystiq free

we can -. was added to the humble
Frozen Synapse

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How do you build
designs offer freedom, but do not ruin the player weapon master? What is more important - the gameplay or the internal consistency? These questions, among others, are in this interview with Insomniac Christian Cameron.

Ratchet & Clank All 4 One has giant balls of power screenshot

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Gamasutra in a busy, Japan focused on the event in Tokyo, Sony unveiled the details of the upcoming Japanese version of its PlayStation Portable Vita, pointing to a date December 17 release for the device. The company also revealed details of the 3G model Vita, revealing an alliance with Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo. Prepaid data plans start at 980 yen ($ 12.74) for 20 hours of use, and 4.980 yen ($ 64.75) for 100 hours. Sony wanted to highlight ...

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This week we have the PlayStation Network welcomes gifts and Outland, Magic, The Darkness, and the El Shaddai of the unpronounceable Metatron Ascension.

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GDC Europe organizers have announced the complete line
management program for the Summit of the Community with a speech by the industry veteran Gordon Walton in creating a line "code of conduct" in controlling the response of state enterprises play EVE Online developer CCP and learning in Jurassic Park. Will be held from Monday to Wednesday, 15 hasta 17 August 2011 in Cologne Congress-Centrum Ost, near the gamescom just above, GDC Europe 2011 will provide the bulk of the pan-European perspective of the game ...

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Oil up: Rhythm Heaven Wii gets a 4 disc soundtrack screenshot

[Image of Nintendo in Japan Official

Minna No Rhythm Heaven Fund

After receiving my copy of the import

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Blizzard Entertainment has signed an agreement with Thailand AsiaSoft distributor of online games, you will see a number of distribution giant headlines in various Asian countries. The agreement includes titles such as Diablo renowned, including the upcoming Diablo III and Starcraft and Warcraft franchises. People in the World of Warcraft MMO Blizzard will also be distributed by AsiaSoft, with its three expansion packs. AsiaSoft will make these titles available in Thailand ...

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German browser-based game developer and online publisher InnoGames announced the appointment of former Electronic Arts executive vice president Dr. Gerhard Florin. Florin was previously responsible for marketing and distribution of AD in Western Europe. In his new role as president of InnoGames, which aims to help the company expand in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Michael Zillmer, InnoGames CEO and founder, said: "We are confident that the experience and contacts ...

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team siren, a division of Sony's internal studios in Japan, working on a game called Vita
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