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PlayStation Vita Gets NA, EU Launch Date

Next Sony portable gaming device has a launch date. After arriving in Japan on December 17th, the PlayStation Vita come from North America and Europe on February 22. "The two console versions - one with Wi-Fi alone and with the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity - will retail for $ 249.99 and $ 299.99, respectively, and S Canada. U. The introductory price .. in Europe is ? 249.99 and ? 299.99 "Users will be limited to downloading games the size of 20 MB on 3G - big plays, which can take up to 4 GB of storage space, must be on a Wi-Fi or installed from a memory card. Despite abandoning the UMD, Sony apparently has "plans" to allow certain types of PSP games transfer to the Vita, but probably cost you money.

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