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First Two Uncharted Games Are Coming Back. Together. [Drake's Back Baby]

Movie Studio Summit Entertainment has become known for his ridiculous aggressive attempts to "protect" what they believe is their intellectual property. Just look at the list of stories we wrote about the company. Zine is now closed, stopped for a documentary on the real city, where Twilight is supposed to take place, has a fashion designer to identify which one of their jackets was worn by "Bella" in Twilight

, was involved in a legal battle with
Bath & Bodyworks
for sale a body lotion called "Twilight Woods," which had nothing to do with the film, and filed criminal charges against a fan who Twitter are some pictures of the entire shooting of the latest movie Twilight.

is a company that has a huge complex of rights, and a somewhat erroneous notion of the right of intellectual property.

His latest initiative is to continue the person who owns - which was in 1994, eleven years before Stephenie Meyer released the first
Twilight book and thirteen years before Summit Entertainment has bought the film rights to the book. The site is fairly simple, Amazon has some links for people to buy legitimate products Twilight (as you might think Summit would ...).
The main complaint, once again, shows the lack of technological Summit. The study indicates that the site with links to unauthorized violation

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Find best price for : --Sony-- Only one month after the RIAA has reorganized the administration and promotion of people who had taken the recording industry over a cliff to give them more power, it seems that the MPAA has done the same. Chris Dodd, who waited several weeks before breaking his promise not to become a lobbyist after leaving the Senate and join the MPAA (Welcome to Hollywood, where he gives his word on something that makes no sense), a gathered to his new management team ... and more of the same. The same people who make bad decisions for the MPAA is taking the same path as the RIAA before catastrophic.

The key player here is Michael O'Leary, who has been vice president, but will assume a greater role. You may remember O'Leary try his ridiculous to claim that censorship of the Internet by protecting intellectual property is part of the American way.

What is really sad is that if any of these organizations actually led people with some idea of where the opportunities are going on in your world today 'Today, you might actually see some progress, rather than the tactic of claiming that you can break the internet to save the business models of companies inherited some who do not want to disturb the innovation. I must admit that you have difficulty understanding the minds of people who try to impede the progress and supporting business models dead, but it seems to pay well for now.
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Coliseum, London

The audience at the London Coliseum, it was an exciting display of virtuosity on the night of Friday, when Ivan Vasiliev, the meaning of 22, the Bolshoi had the lead role in the ballet Roland Small, The Young Man and Death.

The work presented in a triple bill of work presented by the English National Ballet Petit and when the veteran French choreographer died earlier this month, Vassiliev offered his services for free. He said the director Wayne Eagling ENB would play the role famous demanding (Mikhail Baryshnikov dance in the Hollywood movie sleepless nights) as a personal tribute to an artist he admired.

So, one night, the phenomenon was born in Vladivostok has taken its place among the dancers of ENB, and electrified them and us. The ballet tells the story of a young painter who is suffering terribly rejected by the girl he loves (Jia Zhang, who made his debut in the role) and then hangs himself. Created in Paris in 1946, the play is full of existential despair, and a note be achieved very precisely where to play convincingly. The last time I was in London on the agenda farewell to Darcey Bussell Sadler Wells in 2006, Igor Zelensky Mariinsky Ballet has been duly neurotic that the young man, but not convinced that the Bussell dominatrix without mercy, and the room not very start.

This version, however, flies. Vasiliev, bulging eyes and his muscular body shaking with rage barely controlled, requires the attention of the first. His physical performance is huge and raw materials, the expressions of the era of silent films. And jumps, as always, it seems to challenge the seriousness - Vol immersion in particular that seems to hang, horizontally, about six feet off the ground. It has absolutely the delicacy of the great Mikhail Baryshnikov, but a wounded lion furious, sincerity, which is ultimately more interesting. He puts his pain on the line.

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Greek-American comedian went from marginal survival lessons with Jimmy Carr Edinburgh to work with Steven Soderbergh and Ang Lee. "We must be crazy," said

Jimmy Carr

may not strike everyone as his idea of ??a great humanist, but certainly not a good deed Demetri Martin. When Martin came to make his debut in the UK at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2003, eight of 10 cats took under his wing man.

"I met Jimmy in the United States," says Martin, "and he was the only one who knew when I left. He very kindly took me to dinner the first night that I 'were there. And the first things he said was: "Let's review the bit, and I'll tell you what the words are defined aa .'"

certainly not take long for American comics meet the tastes of the United Kingdom: he won the Perrier Award this summer. Now he's back here to their shows for the first time in over five years. It is a long-awaited return, but Martin is minimized expectations. "I am curious to see who is present and shows how it goes," he said. "I mean, quite large in London. And I will not make the room bigger. Therefore, it should itself."

If you are not familiar with dry, but very well prepared this Greek American stand-up - around the top-drawer single line and a refined sense of the absurd - you should check your TV set solo, the important things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central recently canceled after two seasons excellent. Well, we canceled. "I tell people it was my choice, and I got it just before it was canceled:" Hi, this is Comedy Central ... "" Before you say anything, Comedy Central, I just want you to know that in no case make the show more. "I'll call each other a break." He also said that one of the most important lessons taught in the sample "was never Google myself." However, it was an excellent showcase for his talent.

want to write jokes about the chairs and dogs, not the Congress. I was surprised when I called the Daily Show "

The series has left the back of a special foot well received, and before that, a season in The Daily Show, a strange task for him to do, somehow, above the minutes comment satire is not much that Demetri Martin is about. "I do not wake up every morning and topical things in writing comedy and choose not to share with the world," he said, "I'm not interested. I want to write jokes about the chairs and dogs, not what I think Congress. I was surprised when I called for a meeting. "

Even more surprising is that Martin was allowed to do their own thing for the host and supreme creator Jon Stewart, as a correspondent for the youth. "Jon gave me the opportunity of your program that was very generous of you. Never, 'Oh, I love your stuff. "I was more than he respected me and treated me like a colleague who was great. You know Jon is a powerful man in comedy, certainly comedy in New York. I was delighted to work with him, and I was working with Conan O'Brien, who was also good. I always tell people I have two perfect comedies. "

At the top of the work and live television, he also found time to write a book under the title of this book is wonderfully colorful. He describes it as a "mixed bag" of all sorts of different parts comedy, including short fiction, drawings, the exterior wall of the list and, of course, the comic - examples of what can be seen at throughout this document. The genesis of the project came from the books you wear. Since the beginning of stand-up in 1997, he was always a pen in hand to eliminate any idea that comes. Martin believes that has more than 60 laptops, as now, and refers to him as his contempt "secret hideout on." But, says: "When I received the offer for the book, had an advantage because I could go through my books and find that the core ideas, so the story of a monster who did this he wants - I wonder if. I could write this story, I wonder if that's what you need. "

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politicians who blame the riots on the lack of discipline in schools were all wrong, says

Phil Beadle

Therefore, citizenship classes were a success, then! And next week, lessons on the subject of countless good citizenship begins with the teacher asks, "So what can we learn from these riots?"

"Well, sir, man, I learned you have to try things before they spoil or get something that does not suit you. Do not go with his handkerchief "

The reaction of the commentators and political unrest was predictable: the voices of the pontificate unlevened right views for any type of experience of people who rightly decry, and the voices on the left who try to justify an outbreak of rampant crime as a response almost led to the current administration of the "scorched earth for the poor" policies.

is the right answer, however, which shows the perverse perspective on the relationship between cause and effect.

attended the Prime Minister, with his coarse simplistic, the "broken society" slogan, to identify the following: ". The next part of our attack is against what is happening in our schools, "The heir to the throne weight:" Schools do not have enough enough extracurricular activities organized games and activities .. "John Howell , Conservative MP for Henley, calls for "more discipline in our schools," and a priest has no idea of ??the riots as evidence of the need to "rebuild education" and begins jibbering about "ethos".

Why does not anyone asking that the riots occurred in long-term time? Even if they did, I have a strong suspicion of participation under 18 have declined significantly. First, the perturbations in a night school is probably beyond the limits, even in the house of the city center. Second, there were rumors every day of the worst epidemics it was created. Had this been the case of meetings in the course, each school have criticized the accuracy mobilized military, keep children in school, texting parents to pick them up, arrange transportation, and calling for no one had been any doubt about the possible consequences of the behavior dangerously irresponsible.

measured, reasoned responses to the problems were in the teaching profession, their representatives and partner organizations.
John Murphy, director of education at the Oasis Community Learning, which was the principal of two schools for children with emotional and behavioral difficulties, puts the nail on the head: "In Recent riots that adopted by political reasons to complex problems. The reality is that those involved were not a group with one of the reasons. They were opportunistic, gang members and there were people who are totally excluded from any involvement with civil society. "

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that investigations, Rick Perry, the new favorite, the experts the former governor of Massachusetts. Not so fast

is a familiar story. A presidential favorite stumbles badly in the way the Republican nomination and is considered almost dead. Media attention goes to his rivals on the rise in the polls, his campaign funds swelling. However, head to recalibrate his campaign, he is high, everything is in the critical New Hampshire primary, wins, and the tide of victory.

This happened in mid-2007, when Republican John McCain, heir to "mince words express" ran aground, apparently ending his chances for the presidency. Now we hear the same from the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who suddenly left the Governor Rick Perry of Texas after leading the Republican field for months. The latest CNN poll has Perry with a 13 point lead over Romney -. A surprising twist two weeks ago, Perry said before

McCain, of course, straightened his steam engine and to victory in 2008, defying the odds-making. We are looking for a repeat?

Not according to most experts, including one that Romney is pronounced a "loser." Another review of the career of Romney, said he has never won an absolute majority in a single election. He saved his re-election race for governor, when polls showed it was almost certain to lose. Perry, the authors suggest, is now a shoo-in to win.

Not so fast, I say. Romney is a weak candidate, and a dubious "favorite" has been evident for months, as I have suggested elsewhere. It also increased, Rick Perry, in an almost dark in May, well before the famous Karl Rove - an inveterate enemy of Perry - he did. However, no candidate has a lead of about 20 points in the first review of the nation New Hampshire primary - as does Romney - is over, no matter how sad appearance. Candidates Perry - finally and resolutely Christian south - have tended to perform poorly in the Granite State, and Romney, who is a resident of New England, which seems stronger now than when he saw Perry

McCain Romney is not, of course. War has no history of right to appeal, and Perry, in any case is likely to earn more veterans, a key GOP constituency. However, in 2012 Romney Romney is not four years ago. He's older and wiser, and so far, despite its obvious weaknesses in the stump, has proven very adept at raising funds and using their resources in the states of the primary - not only in the New But Hampshire, Iowa, Florida, Michigan and Nevada. And it forward with a detailed work plan that President Obama has even run to catch up. Perry, the master plan for four and five points, after careful consideration, it seems full of platitudes, not the height. Just point to his record of Texas jobs - many are already in question -. Be exhausted in time

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Uruguay Oscar Washington Tabarez will face Sergio Markarian of Peru, the man who was once his teacher Football

The student in front of the main paradigm is well established: Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali. Paul Keating, Bob Hawke. Eric Bristow and Phil Taylor. Maybe time André Villas-Boas and Jose Mourinho. In the theory of the anxiety of influence by Harold Bloom, the great writers first need to (metaphorically) kill the writer who has most influenced - Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, for example - before creating his own style. In most cases, the generation gap is a young upstart to come to the question of the amount found.

Tuesday night in La Plata in Uruguay meet in Peru in the first semifinal of the Copa America, a young man goes to the man who was once his teacher. This, however, is a unique version of the paradigm obsolete. The young man, Oscar Washington Tabarez, is 64, Sergio Markarian, who briefly coached at Bella Vista, the 1970 is just two years older. Both have the same basic principles. Both have the same belief in the importance of preventing the other party to play before they play.

This year, Markarian said that the purpose of an "attractive style" hot Peru. However, he admitted he thought it was "more important" to create "an effective The two round-trip still think he can win the game is played. We need to increase the level of aggression in our brand, and not let the opponent play a lot. "It says a lot of the success of Markarian in their 14 games in charge, Peru conceded just five goals.

Its success has been remarkable. This is the first of Peru in the semifinals in the Copa America in 1997, however, losing 7-0 with Brazil after defeating Argentina's Daniel Passarella very low in the quarter-finals, there is a feeling that it is your appropriate first half since 1983. But the transformation is much deeper than the Markarian. Peru finished last in South America for the World Cup. Leaving his group in the Copa America was a success, especially after the wounds of Claudio Pizarro and Jefferson Farfan. Do it through having lost the dead rubber against Chile, a goal down time clean, and to beat Colombia 2-0 in the quarterfinals is an extraordinary achievement.

Yes, we were lucky in Peru, with Radamel Falcao and missing a penalty shot Dayro Moreno hit a pole on an episode of 15 minutes of intense pressure from Colombia, Peru, but had how to firm and when the opportunities presented to them in overtime, took them. Were devoted to thwart opponents, but it is their right, one of the beauties of football is that the poorest regions can beat the best, by preventing their reproduction. "There is nothing beautiful allowing the opponent to have fun," Markarian said when pressed on the negativity of his team on Saturday, one more question after losing its momentum against Chile in usual wonky smile slipped when he was interviewed by journalists and rejected that of "little mouse".

In a sense, injuries Pizzarro Farfan and worked for Markarian. Since there is no pressure to pack the team with the attackers, and has developed a plan that Paolo Guerrero, who had a magnificent tournament striker Asamoah Gyan and unique style, moves to the left Juan Vargas can cut the left wing and second striker to become an assistant. William Chiroque law has been excellent in a role to come and go, but certainly with a thigh injury.

Markarian belongs to the intellectual tradition of left South American football. He never did as a player, but after graduating, he became director of a fuel distribution. When I was 30, however, since the Uruguay humiliated by Holland in World Cup 1974 and decided that it was his duty to become a football coach and modernization of Uruguay. After learning the trade at the Bella Vista, however, went to Paraguay in 1983 and has never professionally.

His influence has been profound in Paraguay. He won two league titles and two Olimpia with freedom. The hairstyle of the national team for the 1992 Olympics, and many players have to play in the 2002 World Cup which was replaced as coach Cesare Maldini shamefully.

Markarian succeeded in Greece, won a championship with the University of Chile and two degrees Sporting Cristal of Peru and the final of the Copa Libertadores, a remarkable achievement that no club Peru approached again in 14 years.

The term literally means "claw", but has strength, determination, mental strength and streetwiseness, the World Cup in 1986, largely for kicking everything that moved, but in 1990 Tabarez Uruguay tempered hardness with a warming spirit. Remain difficult, and not opposed to games, but are far from Uruguay, 25 years ago cynicism. Working interpretation Tabarez, but his problem as he tries to lead Uruguay to a record 15th Copa title, is that man is facing similar heritage and similar ideas, the man sees Bloom as her father Oedipus .

Paraguay v Venezuela

on Peru in the semifinals is remarkable, but Venezuela is unprecedented. They won only four games in Cup history in America and after a single past tense quarter-final at home, started their luck and shows high resistance to reach the semifinals for the first time. Reach 16 under-20 world in Egypt two years ago with a team that included Jose Rondon and Yohandry Orozco - both members of the current workforce, but is used in many banks suggests the future and this can be achieved. The

face Paraguay, with whom he came in the 3-3 group stage thanks to two goals in the last two minutes. After playing more broadly in the group, Gerardo Martino back to defend the tradition of Paraguay in the quarterfinals against Brazil, Néstor Ortigoza side by Victor Caceres. San Lorenzo midfielder is likely to return, but especially in the absence of the anchoring of Venezuela Tomás Rincón undoubtedly the best player in the tournament, but suspended for his red card against Chile.
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This mystery of North America is a species of bird endemic to the United States, are mainly found in the "mountain" of Colorado (includes video)

Brown covers Finch rose

Leucosticte australis


Arcto Leucosticte


,. Protonym Leucosticte


var australis

), formerly known as Brown photographed Leucosticte capped Silverthorne, Summit County, Colorado (United USA). NOTE: This image has been altered. That was cut from the original that you have the correct dimensions for viewing on mobile media, especially on Android phones.


:. Nick Athanas / Tropical Birding June 5, 2011 (with permission) [velociraptorize to see the entire image without altering]


Can you identify the taxonomic family of birds and species? This bird is very beautiful and mysterious character of a particular life history that makes it special among the birds of North America. Can you tell me who is this?


This is an adult male brown-capped rosy Finch
. This bird is endemic to the United States, are only high in the central Rocky Mountains, primarily in the State of Colorado. This species is characterized in that it plays in the highest elevation of all bird species in North America: the brown-capped rosy finch nests above the treeline in the alpine tundra and is in the glaciers and snow fields at high altitudes, even in winter to 35 C - as long as the snow covers their food sources.

bulky build open-cup nest of moss, grass, fur and feathers, usually in a cavity in the stone floor in a landslide in Skree on a cliff or in a cave, although sometimes used in cliff swallow nests or nest abandoned buildings (if available).
Brown covers rose finches feed on dirt, insects, mainly windblown seeds and consumers in the frozen fields of snow, but it will be opened in the air to catch insects leaflets . They often feed in small groups, in summer, large flocks in winter. These birds feed in both the mixed herds of lower altitude mountain meadows during the summer.

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the UN releases report on justice, an authority on women's rights in Morocco explains why the new Constitution provides for gender equality is key to the reform

Morocco is at an interesting time. Inspired by events in other parts of the region, the February 20 protests by the Movement for Dignity was last week's referendum on constitutional reforms proposed by King Mohammed VI. The mean changes in the executive must be a prime minister, but the king remains in charge of military power, religious and judicial. But what does this mean for women in Morocco?

Despite this progress towards political reform, there are still significant barriers for women seeking justice. Some reflect the position of women in society, and others how the justice system works, with questions on judicial independence, corruption, and especially the lengthy process

Rabea Naciri is a past president of the Women's Democratic Association of Morocco, one of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Morocco focused on women's rights, and is now on its board. He also teaches at the University of Rabat and served on the progress of the Advisory Group on the UN report released Wednesday Women justice.

For her, the barriers are clear. "Many women can not read and write, and then, of course, his knowledge of the judicial system is low, poverty is a subject too -.. attorneys' fees, transportation costs, resources for mobility In fact, many women have no problems with freedom of movement. and social, there is also a cultural practice, for example, can bring shame, if a woman takes a family member or spouse to the court -. It can be a difficult experience to go and can be feeling bad. "

is also the attitude and perspective of practitioners. "Not to generalize, but some tend to take sides and moralizing. The whole patriarchal system comes in. Some are positioned against the woman, and I do not think you should file for divorce. Even if it has the right to seek divorce if her husband beats her and continues to offer the family, the judges may be against divorce and make women give specific reasons to justify it. "

Because the Family Code was adopted in 2004, efforts have been made by the State and Government to improve access to justice, including the Family Court - of measures such as information centers for women, empowerment of women's rights lawyers and hiring social workers to advise and support women. However, most work is done by NGOs - women's organizations and feminist groups - who have established their own advice centers, in addition to the government

These services are still thin on the ground but are a fundamental support, as Naciri, described the implementation of the Family Code as "a social and political issue of Morocco", in particular on issues such as violence. Official figures show that, as is often the case, who do violence are often the spouses. What is needed now is a network of services for women who have suffered discrimination and violence, to guide them through the entire process of the complaint to the police, medical examinations and the right to justice, Naciri said.

food and child support is essential but often overlooked. If a woman is thrown out of the house of the family, the law says that the husband must meet the material needs of women. But if a woman does not have a job in a crisis, unless the husband or his family give money, no means to survive and care for their children. So how do we report an abusive husband, if he is not sure if will never reach a solution? If the process will lead to a divorce and the husband does not accept your case, how are they and their children to survive? The danger is that only women of independent means can afford to divorce. All this creates a situation where only a small proportion of cases to court.

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shadow chancellor said that economists calling for the end of the band are 50 cents tax "do not live in the real world"

Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, accused of economists calling for the abolition of the tax rate of 50 cents "do not live in the real world."


stressed the priority to tax cuts should be a temporary reduction in VAT to boost consumer confidence, instead of breaking to higher rents, which he would be "unfair" in the current climate.

comment shadow foreign minister came one day after a group of eminent economists use an article in the Financial Times to urge the chancellor, George Osborne, to scrap the rate of tax by 50 cents the first opportunity.

The group said the UK needed to return to a "tax system internationally competitive" in order to stimulate the economy of stuttering.

economists said the rate of 50 cents "is clearly a form of self-defeat of the Treasury to raise money and reducing tax evasion would be more effective."

but the court said that the ball tax higher income, which "raises billions of pounds" should not be "the first priority."

"Do you really think, when we have to revive the economy, do you really think that the priority is not to reduce the VAT for families or find other ways to help middle-income families, but only to cut taxes for those earning over £ 150 000? "asks Balls.

"I think people see these economists yesterday making these arguments have to think that these people are not in the real world."

said that all taxes must be fair, "and as low as possible," the deficit should be kept under control and that meant "everyone" had to make a contribution.

He added: ". George Osborne, if you want a plan B should listen to advice wiser than"

but their arguments were countered by Kitty Ussher, a former Labour Minister of the Treasury, which uses an article in the Wall Street Journal to argue that the work should be "brave enough" to engage to ditching the maximum rate of tax in the future not to see "all the 1970s-ideological" and focus on some other "very progressive" to fill the gap instead.

argues that the income of the top tax rate will have "no significant impact on the size of the deficit, simply because of the magnitude of the sums involved" and that its importance is that "totemic nature."

Ussher said one reason the work introduced in the 2009 budget was "because there were some Labour politicians who loved to tax on higher incomes, as a matter of principle, regardless of the economic cycle. "

But in a sign of tensions between the coalition partners on fiscal policy, the Conservative communities secretary Eric Pickles, broke ranks and said he thought that the rate of 50 cents was probably more harm than good.

Pickles told the BBC: "I think there is a strong enough case and say," Well, it's not really helped much. "Finally, it is probable that more harm than do good. "

said the maximum rate should be "eliminated", but stressed that time was at Osborne.
learned Thursday that the government may submit a proposal to increase personal allowances to help stimulate the economy.

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writer and environmental activist and journalist Tamsin Omond Lucy Cavendish stop discussion if you have had your day

Tamsin Omond is a writer and environmental activist

I am one of the 12% of 25 - to 32 years who hitchhike. We are a minority, according to a survey by the AA, we are on the way. Only 9% of British drivers would offer us a lift, making the prospect of standing next to the road with a sign a little darker. My first stop last summer, with a destination (Bethlehem), with a budget (? 500) and schedule (three months). Eight weeks, and walks more than 50 years later, I was in an Israeli army jeep was taken in the West Bank. Since survivors of Europe and the Middle East (I'm 26, female and blonde), I'm not afraid to sail a lift in the UK. He was on the side of the road, you have no idea how and when it will end your day. This is an exciting time, based on trust and collaboration. I am sad to read that hitchhiking is declining.

journalist Lucy Cavendish and mother of four

As a teenager, I hung around. I had a boyfriend in Leeds so I went up and down the country in High Wycombe almost every weekend. Then when I was older and had a teaching position in Africa, I hung all over Kenya. But now ... I must say that I am somewhat relieved that the numbers have declined. While it would stop and pick up a hitchhiker (which reminds me of my youth) there is absolutely no way I will let my own children hitchhiking. I understand this is a great way to meet people, it is also terribly insecure. I had some very scary. Engage in Africa as a young woman alone was just a stupid thing. Maybe it was my stupidity that made me through it. Teenagers are not so naive and trusting these days ... I worry if my daughter never said she was going to hitchhike everywhere. In fact, I think that's probably the ban.

My mother tried to engage the ban across the Middle East, but in the end I am old enough to make my own errors he had to settle for a "responsible" for the promise not to take the elevators with single men or groups of men. It was common sense, so I was happy to accept. On the road a couple of cyclists (route from England to India) gave me a book by Dervla Murphy - a travel writer whose transport is the bicycle. There is a large section that is cycling through Albania, who threw stones. I paraphrase: ". People told me I was crazy race through Albania, but sometimes you need to find these things for yourself"

The idea behind my trip to Israel to see if it was possible to rely on the kindness of strangers. It was a risk, of course, but I was determined and acted responsibly throughout - cover me, you travel in groups, men refusing elevators. As I moved into what I've found that people were becoming easier with the idea of ??offering lifts and hitchhiking (and not only lifts - a place to stay, a meals, a trip to the Dead Sea, a luxury spa). The role of the car - as the space dedicated to your calendar - it seems much less accurate in non-Western cultures. Instead, the car is a useful and people are used to stop when he moved down.

I find it interesting that different cultures in different ways from the stop. In the West, we are of course much more dependent on the car than they ever were - it's partly to do with the deterioration of public transport and partly because the cars getting cheaper, safer and better did. There is also, when it comes to hitchhiking, endemic fear of "stranger danger." No, no, I, no statistical evidence that each of us are now in danger of foreigners than ever before. However, all of my generation saw Rutger Hauer in the
Highway to Hell
and ourselves for life. It is true that when I was Kenya, have a luxury car because it was felt that there appeared to be a tacit agreement that it was the responsibility of the driver of the car to pick up people on the side of the road and give them a lift. That said, you can not control or skill of the driver. I had to knock on the roof of the truck and ask to be left out! That would be another of my concerns.

can act responsibly - to hide and so on - but what about the people you choose? You can not take responsibility. The older I get, the more it worries me.

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, Ed Miliband, the objectives of the initiative pressed households plan to restore the conditions for the privatization of energy companies and training

populist On the eve of the conference call, Ed Miliband, plans to turn the fire of the work in the privatized industries - offer a national buying power and a ban on the railways Price Team

Labour leader hopes to restore the conditions of the privatization of industries that contribute most to a decline in living standards. Miliband agreed that the railway companies currently handling charge will be disqualified by the renewal of its license for a Labour government.

also agree to take action against price-fixing by six energy companies requires the pooling of all the energy in a centralized manner, a movement that claims to lower energy prices for 80% of users.

Any company would be able to purchase and supply of energy from the pool to a clear and transparent prices.

initiatives are responsible for aid Miliband as a sign of his willingness to speak of a "silent crisis" because the families of high bond bills, wages and irresponsible speculation pressed.

In an interview with the Guardian, the shadow of Foreign Affairs, Douglas Alexander, said: "The purpose of the conversation around the kitchen tables raises many train tickets and invoices the energy of the people believe that the government simply does not understand the pressures .. "

Coalition government

the lifted the lid on rates of Railway, ie, the tickets are to increase by 8%, with some individual routes to see an increase until to 13% next year. According to the plans being developed by the work, the train operating companies would be excluded from competition for the renewal of their licenses if they meet a set of rules of conduct in the past five years, instead of just " test line narrow bottom. "

Labor source said. "We are enabling these companies to avoid habits that would be prohibited in any other sector and then allowed to tender for contracts as if the past never happened There are legal complexities here, but should not be a basic "something for something" off the railways should not be more pressure on price increases. "

meaning of work, said: "The assessment of what the business will be retroactive to the process of rising prices and irresponsible behavior, now or in the past could be used to disqualify companies the process of submission to the next round of license renewal. "


ratiing final approval from -14 to -16, but now it's worse than both David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Ed Balls, including for the first time, is -18.

But support for the government's economic policy is dangerously low. Only 32% agreed with the statement "the government's tax increases and spending cuts are necessary to protect the economy of Britain." Almost twice as many%, 62, accepts "cuts are too deep and too fast can damage the British economy more than it helps. "
Alexander accepts the public bought the Conservatives, the workplace, explaining the decline in 2008. "Frankly, after the crisis in 2008, the Conservatives are more successful than working on developing a public language that makes sense of the economic crisis and helps to explain the electoral defeat."

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: The Movie, only one policeman in the border city can save an endangered "alt =" Click here to read the
Bomberman : The Movie, only one policeman in the border city can save an endangered "src =" / 07/small_l8dni0payjq.jpg "width = 190 height = 120>

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DX 11 support for Crysis 2 today, map editor on Wednesday screenshot

From today, PC gamers can download the update for DirectX 11 and Ultra High resolution textures Crysis 2

that Crytek Cevat

CEO Yerli believes to be "an overview of how PC games will evolve in the future."

The King of Kong Director begins a War Games Reboot "alt =" Click here to read the King of Kong
Director begins a War Games Reboot "src =" http:/ / fastcache "width = 190 height = 120>

Find best price for : --Director----King-- under the direction of the creators of the original title, DRIVER San Francisco marks the return of the video game series created has sold 14 million copies worldwide. Players can play as Detective John Tanner in the harsh persecution by the crime lord Charles Jericho in the hills of the city of the bay. Thank you to an innovative feature of the game, players can "change" more than a hundred licensed vehicles, keeping them constantly in the heart of the action. With its timeless atmosphere, unique car handling and renewed playability, DRIVER San Francisco will revitalize the traditional freedom of movement, cinematic car chase experience of the current generation of gaming platforms.

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Professor Layton developer Level-5
announced a partnership with leading Japanese mobile social network game DENA to make a game Professor Layton social mobile portal Mobage Japanese. In a press conference in Tokyo, and as translated by Andriasang, the company unveiled Professor Layton Royale, the first title to appear in the new company, to see the players take the role of a detective or a thief or a citizen . The game ...

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Goichi Suda - aka Suda51 - Grasshopper Manufacture discussed its movement in the social games, noting that he has many ideas for games and mobile social and hopes of each release at some point. They met yesterday's news that the industry veteran has signed with the developer of mobile games social network and Dena, and there are game titles for Mobage social mobile social network. DENA revealed that the first launch of Suda51 ...

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Peggle meets child abuse in Kickin Momma screenshot

is a setting for many of us are familiar. Our mother wanted jewelry, but had no way to legally obtain, then it kicked us in a sea of ??floating rocks. This is how we all grew up, right?

Video Games
invade Facebook. Who will bring to the platform, and why they do what they get? Gamasutra talks Kixeye, Kabam, Free Range and 2K to find the next wave of developments in the social networking platform.

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social Thurs giant Zynga today launched a new way of Facebook in the world called Empires & Allies, who says that includes "social characteristics than any Zynga game. "Developed Zynga studio in Los Angeles, the game is a title against the strategy based sees players to build empires and armies, and venture out during the Crusades. players can choose to hire their online friends and fight alongside them, while other empires and tend to get experience points in AA ...

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How Aliens: Infestation aims to make 2D pixels scare you screenshot

to WayForward would have been easy to do

Aliens Infestation

a shooter-displacement, but the studio hopes to raise the bar and make a game that is wettingly pants really scared. In a new developer blog, director Adam Tierney talks about making Xenos scary.

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Algoma Games for Health, a development team at Algoma University in the design of serious games for education and rehabilitation, received provincial funding to develop a game that will help victims of stroke. The team received $ 713 200 to develop the rehabilitation program in Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, revealed David Orazietti, MPP. The program will focus on the combination of video, voice recognition and therapeutic video games to provide an online platform to help ...

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Sony has confirmed that a system of pass-line "will be included in Uncharted 3 and the future of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios games with online features."

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Uncharted Games will be back. Ensemble. "Alt =" Click here to read the first two Uncharted
Games will be back. Ensemble. "Src =" "width = 190 height = 120>
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