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Big in Japan October 10-16: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon


restart the action and the Japanese edition of Just Dance, both as against the success of football in sales last update.

Although Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (CA: AH) mixed reviews since its launch on October 11, the new entry in the long series was always well received by players in Japan, as is evident in media creates "the last update of sales. The PS3 version of the title of Namco Bandai Action Air started in first place with 149,470 units sold. The Xbox 360 version of the game was in sixth place with 20,523 units sold. For more information, check out GameSpot review.

New Ace Combat

left all the other games of the metal powder in the update of recent sales.

The Japanese version of Just Dance on Wii was also high on the list, just below ca: AH, with 90,039 units sold. This iteration plays like Just Dance 2 on Wii, only with the addition of Japanese tracks. Examples of such additions include Koda Kumi "Cutie Honey", Kishidan of "Una Noche de Carnaval" and Morning Musume "Love Revolution".

former prime spot start in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PS3) dropped to third place with 61,787 units sold per week. The former second title, dating simulator AKB1/48 PSP: Idol of Guam Koishitara, dropped to fourth place with 34,114 units sold.

Other highlights notable sales list includes exclusive Xbox 360 title Forza Motorsport 4, starting in fifth place with 24,854 units sold. Long-time residents in the top ten Wii Sports Resort (Wii Plus Pack version) was shot down a notch this week. The compilation of mini-game in 11th place with 12,897 units sold.

hardware sales chart was almost identical to the last update, Nintendo has sold 55,025 units in 3DS, despite the absence of 3DS and DS titles in the top 20. Sony sold 28,596 PS3 units and 25,271 units of the PSP in the week. The resident Wii in fourth place with 12,161 units sold.

in Japan, sales of the week of October 10 to 16:


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