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Report: PlayStation Vita memory 'about ten times' that of PSP [update]

Sony hasn't officially shared the PlayStation Vita's technical specifications, and rumors insist that the amount of memory in the system has been cut since developers originally got on board. Daniel S?nchez-Crespo, CEO of Invizimals Novarama developer who recently delivered some soothing setting for these claims in an interview with Develop and said that his studio was "untouched" of a rumor, RAM reduction.

"It 's really good for developers who are working under duress," he said. "In general, for Vita, we still have a lot of leeway in terms of GPU performance, CPU power and RAM, in fact." According to S?nchez-Crespo, bests the Life 's amount of RAM (Random ". times" access memory) that the PSP by the \ with the first PSP to do with 32MB - yes, really - that would be the Vita somewhere in the range of at least 256 MB.

"Remember, more hardware features cost more to purchase the handheld means" S?nchez-Crespo added. "Our main interest is to sell Sony a lot of [PS Vita] units. Showed that the Sony guys in Japan have a tough job, what you leave in and what to omit."


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