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Farewell UMD

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Report: Samsung manufacturing the PlayStation Vita CPU

Vita for the PlayStation, Sony has used the waiver to hardware design strategies for the PSP and PS3 - custom, expensive, Sony-developed chips - in favor of cheaper off-the-shelf hardware, which is a reason to charge $ 250 for something that seems like it came from the future.

An example of this new strategy: a brief note on the Semiconductor Industry News page says that Samsung's quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU for handheld-making, with a 45-nm process. This saves Sony money for R & D, to marketing and saves us about the supposed magical abilities of other Sony chip as the "Emotion Engine" or the cell to read.

JoystiqReport: Samsung production of the PlayStation Vita CPU originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, July 29, 2011 00:00:00 EST. Please read our terms for use of feeds.

Big in Japan July 18-24: Rhythm Heaven


Nintendo 's Rhythm Heaven series still keep a beat, as proven franchise' s first installment on the Wii topping the Media Create Japanese sales charts in the first week of release. The Wii version of the game sold 118 173 copies for 18 to 24 July, makes it easy the week 's best-selling title.

The devilishly challenging Rhythm Heaven.

Rhythm Heaven wasn 't the only new release of its brand to make the charts. The newest PSP game in Capcom 's historical action series, Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes came in second with 82 798 copies sold, while Grasshopper Manufacture' s Move-compatible PlayStation 3 port of No More Heroes took home the be bronze with 40 313 units sold. Another new version of familiar Western players cracked the top 10, with Spicy Horse 's Alice: 19 994 copies sold Madness Returns in his debut.

While Nintendo are unhappy with sales of its 3DS system, occupies the glasses-free 3D handheld the Japanese sales charts for the second consecutive week. The 31 826-3DS systems sold for the week was widely sold on the PSP 's 26 854 units. As for consoles, Sony came in first with 23 343 PS3s sold, followed by the Wii sold 17 114 units, and the Xbox 360 is the bottom amongst the current generation systems with 1546 new owner for the week.

JAPAN GAME SALES WEEK OF 18th to 24 July 2011

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Report: PlayStation Vita memory 'about ten times' that of PSP [update]

Sony hasn't officially shared the PlayStation Vita's technical specifications, and rumors insist that the amount of memory in the system has been cut since developers originally got on board. Daniel S?nchez-Crespo, CEO of Invizimals Novarama developer who recently delivered some soothing setting for these claims in an interview with Develop and said that his studio was "untouched" of a rumor, RAM reduction.

"It 's really good for developers who are working under duress," he said. "In general, for Vita, we still have a lot of leeway in terms of GPU performance, CPU power and RAM, in fact." According to S?nchez-Crespo, bests the Life 's amount of RAM (Random ". times" access memory) that the PSP by the \ with the first PSP to do with 32MB - yes, really - that would be the Vita somewhere in the range of at least 256 MB.

"Remember, more hardware features cost more to purchase the handheld means" S?nchez-Crespo added. "Our main interest is to sell Sony a lot of [PS Vita] units. Showed that the Sony guys in Japan have a tough job, what you leave in and what to omit."


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Games review roundup: Ape Escape, Patapon 3 and more

Here 's the first of our (hopefully) weekly roundup of some games that slipped under the radar can - like Hello Kitty & Friends, The First Templar and Esoterica America

Ape Escape ...

PS3 (Move Compatible) ? 24.99, cert 3 +, Sony

The Ape Escape series is not without its charms. On previous PlayStations this cartoony catch-em-up was a minor joy, inviting players to hop around a 3D platform world apprehending simian lags with an oversized butterfly net. But this time the whole shebang has been revamped specially for PlayStation Move, meaning a switch to a first-person perspective for an on-rails shooting-gallery affair: you shoot at the apes with your slingshot, lightgun-style; the apes get angry; they run straight for you; you swing the controller to swing your net and catch them when they get close. If catching an ape felt brilliant and funny and satisfying every time – which to an extent it did in the old games – the game might have more lasting appeal, but since it's more or less whack-a-mole with no actual whacking, it all pales pretty quickly. Jolly enough for a quick blast, and a surprisingly stiff challenge in the later levels, but this is not the reboot Ape Escape deserves.

The First Templar

Chris Michael

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What If The PlayStation Vita is Just Another PSP?

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More ?
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God of War: Origins E3 trailer is all angry and stuff

The combination of both God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta


PlayStation Store launches in Brazil

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Not Your Typical PSP Memory Stick [Kodak Moment]

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What If The PlayStation Vita is Just Another PSP? [Potent Portables]

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Sony's Welcome Back package proves problematic for European PSPlus users


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PSN will be 'fully restored' today [Update: PlayStation Store back in North America]

Although there weren 't that many days this week, has officially left the Sony PlayStation relaunch the day, constricted for the reactivation of the PlayStation Store and other services - until today (June 2). Qriocity services are also coming back.

In a short press release sent this evening, Sony announced plans "fully restore" services everywhere but Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Further details on the region 's "Welcome Back" package (as we assume, as they get it) will be announced shortly.

What the strange timing of this release: it was exhibited in Tokyo and thus time for Japan but ... Japan is one of the three places that isn 't affected by this news. Just something to think about as you're reading this at like 1 AM.

Update: Bonk's AdventureMotorStorm: Apocalypse


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Japan: 3DS sales rise, but PSP still No.1

After a fortnight of record lows, 3DS sales lifted in Japan during the week ended May 29, but PSP remained the top selling handheld.

Crush 3D delayed, waiting for the 3DS to pick up steam

Crush 3D delayed, waiting for the 3DS to pick up steam screenshot

developer Paul Mottram -". "

How GoNintendo, I 'm guessing that Matt refers to Lack of Success of the platform, because it 't make much sense to delay a game because they' doesn \ s on a platform that 's to

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Yakuza: Of The End, PSP on top in Japan

Zombie Yakuza theme makes the game business.
Yakuza: The End Of took the number 1 on the Japanese software chart during the week to 12 June, while PSP was the best selling gaming hardware.

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PSP back on top in Japan

Q&A: Xseed’s Secrets for Bringing Japanese Games to U.S.

When it comes to Japanese video games, the American players was always comes short decades - never to countless foreign versions of U.S. coastline. Xseed, one of the driving forces behind the US-location of remarkable PSP RPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
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Release This: Soulcalibur IV, Rhythm Tengoku Gold Debut Worldwide

and Sega's PSP action/RPG

Grasshopper working on Evangelion game

Famitsu reveals that Suda51 's studio is based on the work on a rhythm action game for PSP on the anime Evangelion, Rebuild Of Evangelion Sound Impact. Sound is by Akira Yamaoka Silent Hill fame, is over 30 remixes of tracks by Suda Evangelion \ the game's creative producer treats.

Steins; Gate Is Doing Alright for an Adventure Game [Blips]

Bandai Namco Leads Japanese Revenues In 2011

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Atelier Meruru Tops The Japanese Software Charts