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TGS: My mega frustration explained

09/17/2010 TGS: My mega frustration explained

TGS: My mega frustration explained  screenshot

In my previous post , I briefly touched on my frustration with Capcom's upcoming Mega-man Universe However, it would seem that many of you - including me - wanted a little more. To be honest, I initially felt that what little footage you may have seen would really speak for themselves, but I get that it would probably help if I actually explained to my own experience and reasoning.

Join me after the break.

As I said, Capcom has a penchant for taking their classic games and is trying to reinvent them, with varying degrees of success. C Mega-man Universe , They 'E. revived their classic platformer from scratch - and this means that in order to recreate the original gameplay with new and "improved" engine.

Upon sitting down to play the demo, I immedaitely noticed that the jump response seemed a bit lagged -- which any Mega Man fan could tell you is integral and can lead to any number of untimely deaths. I originally chalked this up to the controller, but later found that others had experienced the issue on other set ups through out the show.

The gameplay issues are one thing,  but I also found the visuals a bit offensive. I know it might seem a bit silly to some of you, but I honestly feel that Capcom didn't show enough care when designing them -- which honestly blows my mind. Keiji Inafune even spent an hour the other evening telling a crowd that he wants every game to have that classic Capom feel, like it came out of Japan.  They often gets on Capcom USA's case for not living up to their expectations, but this title is being developed in Japan.



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