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The Weekend Hotness: Anamanaguchi

08/30/2010 The Weekend Hotness: Anamanaguchi

I just got my face rocked by Anamanaguchi. Such a huge, wonderful, wonderful group. Go see them in Portland this Wednesday in Seattle this Friday at PAX!

Jim dirty things to her Monday night fight statue, Maurice chated with Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne, Andrew Kauz had a brilliant write-up on harmless entertainment and more happened over the weekend.

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We're giving away 4 Samsung Galaxy S Epic phones!
Win some awesome Castle Crashers figures and goodies!

Rumor: C. Viper spotted in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Rewards dead, really this time
Weekend Charity: buy the game, help CF foundation
inFAMOUS 2 getting Move support according to Sony site
New trailer for Blood Stone races in
Snoop Dogg 's Rock Band tracks, finally landing on September 7
Entire Twilight Princess soundtrack available (Update)
Man knitting Sackboy, mysteries of the universe solved
Swedish retailers list Far Cry 3
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep not coming to the PSP Go
sa wrap, that ': Super Boy Meat is now the full content
Say hello to the eBox, China's answer to Kinect
Epic Edition Mickey Collector 'is ... Well, you can guess

Mario sweaters for only $435

Telltale teases something, awesomeness almost guaranteed
Over analyzing: Blood Stone's opening credits
Babies + Balance Boards + Wheels = Tots on Bots
Unused enemies and planet from Super Mario Galaxy


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