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Lord of Arcana artists include Todd McFarlane

07/12/2010 Lord of Arcana artists include Todd McFarlane

Lord of Arcana artists include Todd McFarlane screenshot

Square Enix is slowly doling out content relating to their recently-announced PSP title, Lord of Arcana. The fact that he was looking for a regular thing, the developer has published information about the monsters from the game, along with information about the artists who contributed designs. Singers from around the world have been tapped to develop monsters, including Todd McFarlane in Spawnglory.

Above the screen Nidhogg, which was developed by McFarlane. Other artists that have been identified to participate in the project include Yoshitaka Amano, Hideo Minaba of Final Fantasyglory.

The game looks interesting, based on what little we've seen so far. We can probably expect a pretty steady stream of info on this game to come up until the title's October release date in Japan. Hopefully, that flow will include some information on a North American release. That would be keen.

Hit gallery for more views Nidhogg.

Lord of Arcana Has Monsters From Todd McFarlane and Yoshitaka Amano [andriasang]

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