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Is the 3DS Nintendo's Key to Thwarting Pirates?

07/10/2010 Is the 3DS Nintendo's Key to Thwarting Pirates? With the advent of the internet, copyright infringing piracy has gotten exponentially worse on all fronts- gaming included. For whatever reason, be it the ease with which it's done or the lack of effective anti-piracy measures, no systems have been hit harder than the DS and PSP. While the PSP requires potential pirates to undertake a long and often complex process to install custom firmware that allows cracked games to be played, with the DS it's as simple as ordering an R4 on the internet and plugging it into the back of the system like any other DS cartridge. There's no doubt that Sony's next handheld, whether it's the PSP2, the Playview, or something else, will have stringent anti-piracy protection. Nintendo's already made strides to stop DS piracy with measures included in the DSi to block flash carts, and with the launch of the 3DS approaching, piracy has got to be on Nintendo's collective minds. According to THQ's executive VP of global publishing Ian Curran, they've solved the problem for good this time. Read his comments after the break.


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