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The Daily Hotness: Air Jaws

08/07/2010 The Daily Hotness: Air Jaws

Sharks man, don't mess with them. SHARK WEEK IS THE BEST WEEK EVER!

Samit checked out Deca Sports Freedom, the latest Jimquisition is calling you dumb, win an Xbox 360 Slim, Tekken X Stree Fighter will be at gamescom, Kinect will be able to pick up sign language and more happened on 08/06/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Jimquisition: Why do you 're stupid than casual gamers
Friday Night Fights: Castlevania HD


Community blogs of 08/06/10

Deca Sports Freedom

Win an Xbox 360 Slim and Madden NFL 11
Win Kick-Ass and a limited edition PSP!


Fallout: New Vegas drawing more pre-orders than Fallout 3
Jillian Michaels' next Fitness Ultimatum has a story
Puzzle Quest 2 on PC: August 12
Watch the Dangan-Ronpa trailer and salivate
Crystal Dynamics 'canceled Downfall looks deserted
Sony doubles hardware sales in Japan, PSP on top
Kineckt recognizes sign language
Namco Bandai trademarks City of Football
Rock Band DLC: Get up, get on your feet with Ministry
Parasite Eve 1 and 2 coming to PSN?
Free App of the Day: Mega Jump
Tekken X Street Fighter will be attending gamescom
Epic Mickey on Xbox 360 or PS3? Maybe, says Spector
Lara Croft dated for PS3/PC, add-on content confirmed
Strange Wii game Earth Seeker: New details and art
The moment of truth: Civilization V system requirements
Xbox 360 250GB Kinect bundle revealed on another box
Seriously: Convert change to Facebook Credits at Coinstar
PSN-wide notification system snuck into firmware update?
Target, Best Buy to have Madden 11 deals*
Rumor: Best Buy doing a PS3 250GB Madden bundle


Sonic 2 hack takes a dig at DIMPS
Rumor: Castlevania HD add-ons leaked?
Co-op focused Operation Flashpoint: Red River announced
The Last Story: Site update, screens and story details
Atlus teaches you how to make a map in Etrian Odyssey III
First images of Heavy Rain Move Edition
Vanquish gets a fancy trailer, new screens
Train hamsters as fighters in Kung Zhu
Sonic Colors: Box art, trailer, hat, and hater defense
Get to know Monday Night Combat's Support class


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