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The Week In Games: Another M =[=Twig=]=

08/30/2010 The Week In Games: Another M [Twig]
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Metroid: Other M, on the Wii, is the biggest console release, returning to space with the iconic Samus Aran. Valkyria Chronicles II on PSP, Castle Crashers on PSN and a Dead Rising 2 prequel on XBLA round out the highlights. More ?


The Weekend Hotness: Anamanaguchi

08/30/2010 The Weekend Hotness: Anamanaguchi

I just got my face rocked by Anamanaguchi. Such a huge, wonderful, wonderful group. Go see them in Portland this Wednesday in Seattle this Friday at PAX!

Jim dirty things to her Monday night fight statue, Maurice chated with Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne, Andrew Kauz had a brilliant write-up on harmless entertainment and more happened over the weekend.

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Rumor: C. Viper spotted in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Rewards dead, really this time
Weekend Charity: buy the game, help CF foundation
inFAMOUS 2 getting Move support according to Sony site
New trailer for Blood Stone races in
Snoop Dogg 's Rock Band tracks, finally landing on September 7
Entire Twilight Princess soundtrack available (Update)
Man knitting Sackboy, mysteries of the universe solved
Swedish retailers list Far Cry 3
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep not coming to the PSP Go
sa wrap, that ': Super Boy Meat is now the full content
Say hello to the eBox, China's answer to Kinect
Epic Edition Mickey Collector 'is ... Well, you can guess

Mario sweaters for only $435

Telltale teases something, awesomeness almost guaranteed
Over analyzing: Blood Stone's opening credits
Babies + Balance Boards + Wheels = Tots on Bots
Unused enemies and planet from Super Mario Galaxy

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Is the 3DS Nintendo's Key to Thwarting Pirates?

07/10/2010 Is the 3DS Nintendo's Key to Thwarting Pirates? With the advent of the internet, copyright infringing piracy has gotten exponentially worse on all fronts- gaming included. For whatever reason, be it the ease with which it's done or the lack of effective anti-piracy measures, no systems have been hit harder than the DS and PSP. While the PSP requires potential pirates to undertake a long and often complex process to install custom firmware that allows cracked games to be played, with the DS it's as simple as ordering an R4 on the internet and plugging it into the back of the system like any other DS cartridge. There's no doubt that Sony's next handheld, whether it's the PSP2, the Playview, or something else, will have stringent anti-piracy protection. Nintendo's already made strides to stop DS piracy with measures included in the DSi to block flash carts, and with the launch of the 3DS approaching, piracy has got to be on Nintendo's collective minds. According to THQ's executive VP of global publishing Ian Curran, they've solved the problem for good this time. Read his comments after the break.

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Sony: PSP Essentials Helping To Breathe Life Into Hardware Sales

08/23/2010 Sony: PSP Essentials Helping To Breathe Life Into Hardware Sales Sony: PSP Essentials Helping To Breathe Life Into Hardware Sales

The PSP Essentials range has been a "phenomenal success" since launching earlier this year, helping to boost software sales and "breathe life into sales of the hardware as well", according to SCEE President Andrew House.

With such Daxter, Everybody's Golf, LocoRoco, Wipeout Pulse and Secret Agent Clank, the range of sub-?10 games debuted in June.

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Patapon 3 getting a multiplayer demo next week

07/03/2010 Patapon 3 getting a multiplayer demo next week

Patapon 3 getting a multiplayer demo next week screenshot

PATA PATA PON PATA! Shouts Patapon continue to pursue their dreams. They are a bunch of little creatures of evil, of course, but they 're my evil little creatures. They defile for me, not for anyone else. Plus, some of them look like angry rabbits, and that's pretty darn cool.

I'm excited to check out Patapon 3, as I'm sure a handful of you are too. We're getting our chance on Tuesday! Just narrowly missing the long weekend is a multiplayer demo, which will be the game's first big outing since being briefly announced at E3 only to never be mentioned again -- until now, obviously.

I don't look forward to the inevitable firmware update needed to download this, but I'll stomach it.

Coming to PSN: Patapon 3 multiplayer demo for the PSP [PlayStation.Blog]


Sony has 'no plans' for 3D PSP

06/25/2010 Sony has 'no plans to' for 3D PSP

Sony has 'no plans' for 3D PSP screenshot

Sony has demonstrated that it will happily and shamelessly copy Nintendo if something proves to be successful, and with the huge fan reaction to the 3DS, you'd think the company was busy beavering away at its own 3D version of the PSP. According to the company, however, that's not on the cards.

"No, no plans for that," says SCE Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde. "We just chose to focus on the big 3D in the home. Again as you pointed out, as a larger corporate initiative, it's important to us to push that out there and be on the bleeding edge of it. That's the focus..."

Yeah, Sony says this now, but Sony also had no plans to put last-gen rumble in its controllers or bring out a waggle wand, and look what happened. If the 3DS becomes the mega hit I'm certain it'll be, don't be surprised for Sony to pretend it never cast doubt on 3D handhelds and bring out a 3D PSP.

Sony 'Very Confident' in PS3, Move after E3 [Industry Gamers]

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Games Network Engineer - Foundation 9 - Pipeworks Eugene, WA, USA

06/26/2010 Games Network Engineer - Foundation 9 - Pipeworks Eugene, WA, USA

Pipeworks Software was founded in 1999 by a group of people who came together with a commitment to making high quality games and delivering a satisfying experience to our clients. We are a versatile developer of fun console games, with an emphasis on absolute dependability for our publishing partners. Pipeworks is part of Foundation 9 Entertainment. We are in our 4th generation of PS2 and PSP development and are actively developing for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.


Gravity Crash Dev Just Add Water Reviving Oddworld Series

07/16/2010 Gravity Crash Dev Just Add Water Revival Oddworld series


New Yakuza title for PS3 currently in development

06/30/2010 New Yakuza title for PS3 currently in development

New Yakuza title for PS3 currently in development screenshot

This week's Famitsu has hit the stands and an interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi has revealed that the Yakuza team are hard at work on two new games for the series. While we were already aware of a PSP game starring new character, Nagoshi has also made mention of a title for PS3 which is being developed simultaneously.

The game, unnamed as of this point, will feature Goro Majima as a "playable character" which might lead some to suspect that there may be additional characters to play as. Nagoshi also suggested that the game might show something of a departure for the series saying the team, "will be taking a scalpel to the fundamentals of the game systems."

Awesome. Now all we need are for people in the US to buy lots of copies of Yakuza 4 when it comes here next year so that I'll be able to play this thing. Make it happen, people.

New Yakuza Game in Development for PS3 [andriasang]

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Opinion: The Culture Scapegoat: The Real Reason Ad-Hoc Doesn't Work in the West

06/23/2010 Opinion: The Culture Scapegoat: The Real Reason Ad-Hoc Doesn't Work in the West

Do Western gamers despise the very sight of one another? This a question that has been raised, with less hyperbole, by journalists and gaming executives trying to understand why ad-hoc play is so unappealing in the West. Local, wireless, on-the-go multiplayer made Monster Hunter's PSP versions into multi-million sellers in Japan, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP's similar gameplay comes with the hope of capitalizing on that success. And considering how poorly the ...


The 3rd Birthday screens

08/24/2010 Third Birthday Screens PSP Parasite Eve 3-Kel gets Gamescom assets ...
Here are the Gamescom assets for PSP Parasite Eve three-quel, The 3rd Birthday.

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