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Cross-game chat participant on the PS3 (with certain conditions)

06/16/2010 Cross-game chat participant on the PS3 (with certain conditions)
Finally (also: BINGO !) Cross-game chat is a PlayStation Network! After what seems years of demand, Sony has announced a cross-game chat, which allows PSN members talk to each other, even when playing different games. However, often demanded feature does come with one big caveat: you can only chat on the initiative of members of the PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to send offers to any member of the PlayStation Network, free or paid. Up to 4 PSN members may be in the party chat, but at least one participant must be a member of the PlayStation Plus. Chat to stop, if all members paid off.

While some may be disappointed that such a hotly requested feature closed pay wall, the service is still technically available for free members. As long as you 're popular and have friends who pay for the PlayStation addition, you should be able to cross-game chat and to maintain free passage, too.

JoystiqCross-game chat participant on the PS3 (with certain conditions) originally appeared on Joystiq Wed 15 June 2010 18:55:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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