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Sony: PSP has a 'ten year life cycle'

06/21/2010 Sony: PSP has a 'ten year life cycle'

Sony: PSP has a 'ten year life cycle' screenshot

The "ten year life cycle" excuse has been trotted out by Sony so many times that it's taken on the properties of a self parody. Whenever the PS3 wasn't doing so well, Sony would claim "TEN YEARS" and that would make everything better. Well, it worked for the PS3, so why not try the same excuse for the PSP?

"There is absolutely a 10-year life cycle for PSP, and probably more," says SCEA's John Koller. "We've talked about 'We'll be in the PSP business as long as we're in the PlayStation business', because we absolutely believe in handheld.

"Now in terms of where we are in the current life cycle, I think we're just kind of hitting our stride. We just announced that we hit 60 million units worldwide, which is a very, very good number for PSP, we've got a lot of good development support. It's just a very healthy platform. I don't think we'd be investment spending to the tune that we are without full belief that this is a go-forward platform."

Pro tip: Saying that you're "hitting your stride" with a system that was released five f*cking years ago is not something you should be proud of. 

Video Interview: Sony's John Koller, on PSP Go, PSN and PS3[Joystiq via Videogamer ]

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Sony talks sh*t about 3DS technology

06/21/2010 Sony talks sh*t about 3DS technology

Sony talks sh*t about 3DS technology screenshot

So, Nintendo murdered everyone at E3, not just with its rather terrifying selection of awesome games, but with its stunning 3DS demonstration. If you haven't seen the thing in action, let me confirm that it's pretty amazing stuff. Sony boss Kaz Hirai hasn't seen the 3DS, but that didn't stop him chatting sh*t about the technology behind it. 

According to Hirai, his company has already researched the prospect of "naked eye 3D for portables" and concluded that it "does not have high precision." He added that Sony's own brand of 3D, however, would "increase hardware sales" of the PlayStation 3. He confessed he hadn't seen the 3DS in person, but his conclusion seems to be that the tech behind it doesn't work, even though everyone who has seen the 3DS knows it works.

Sounds to me like somebody's a little jealous at being upstaged. Hardly surprising, considering that 3D is Sony's latest attempted trump card and nobody was talking about it on the showfloor because they were too busy gawping at the 3DS. Nevertheless, we allfamiliar with Sony MO 'now - talk trash about the product, yet they do not understand it' s success, and then copy it.

Expect a 3D PSP to arrive in the future and join the ranks of DualShock Controllers and PlayStation Move. Y'know, those other gimmicks that Sony said were crap before jumping on the bandwagon. 

SCE President Downplays 3DS Tech[Andriasang]

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E3 10: What the 3DS game cartridges will look like

06/18/2010 E3 10: What the 3DS game cartridges will look like

E3 10: What the 3DS game cartridges will look like screenshot

I am more excited for the 3DS than any other gaming console ever. Do you know how I know this? Because I care about what the god damn cartridge is going to look like. Really, why should I give two sh*ts? I shouldn't, but I do, and for some strange reason I think some other people do as well.

We already knew that the 3DS would be able to play the DS's games and thus use its cartridges so the differences couldn't be too major, but there are some. It has a tab on it for starters. What could that tab do? It's probably where they keep the secret 3D magic. If only we could harness the power of that tab we'd be in business, people! Sadly, the magic tab is a secret that Nintendo will keep to itself, I'm sure.

A not so noticeable change in the cartridge is the fact that the size has been bumped up to 2GB. That's going to allow for a lot prettier and bigger games, as I think we've already seen demonstrated. Then again, with all the talk on downloads and non-stop connectivity who knows if we're even going to be using cartridges? Oh, wait. They already tried that.

Nintendo 3DS game card spotted; new wireless eReader app tipped [SlashGear]


Ghost of Sparta is 'best looking PSP game ever' - Sony

06/25/2010 Ghost of Sparta is 'best looking PSP game ever' - Sony Sony says PSP God of War provides "home console experience".
God of War: The Ghost of Sparta is the most promising PSP game ever made, says Sony.

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Visual overload: Sony's E3 PSP lineup

06/23/2010 Visual overload: Sony's E3 PSP lineup
Apart from God of War: Ghost of Sparta and some key third-party games, the PSP's lineup at E3 wasn't exactly exceptional. The surprises for Sony's handheld this year were few and far between -- except, perhaps, EyePet PSP, which continues SCEE's penchant for augmented reality games. Check out all the trailers after the break.

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Take a spin through a scenic Gran Turismo 5 gallery

06/21/2010 Take a spin through a scenic Gran Turismo 5 gallery
1000 cars, 20 tracks, head-tracking (via PlayStation Eye), NASCAR, World Rally Championship, Super GT, two player split-screen, 3D, YouTube uploads, custom soundtracks and PSP connectivity. To say that Gran Turismo 5packed to be told. This new party E3 media certainly looks nice, but the main question: would not wait? We LL "all find out in November .

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JoystiqTake a spin through the beautiful Gran Turismo 5 gallery originally appeared on Joystiq on Sun, 20 Jun 2010 23:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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PSN Tuesday: BFBC2's 'Onslaught' and MAG's 'Interdiction'

06/23/2010 Tuesday PSN: BFBC2 's Slaughter' 'and MAG' s interdiction '\\'

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's "Onslaught" mode (a de facto PSN timed exclusive) and MAG\\ 'S "Interdiction " DLC are both available today on the PSN. So, squad up and get out there, solider!

Check out the full update after the break.

Choose your platform to view the corresponding release list:

(Note: Continue past the break to view both release lists.)

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JoystiqTuesday PSN: BFBC2 's Slaughter' 'and MAG' s interdiction '\\' originally appeared on JoystiqWed, June 22 2010 18:35:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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Shippin' Out June 20-26: Transformers: War for Cybertron

วันจันทร์ที่ 21 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2553

Preview: PixelJunk Shooter 2

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 20 มิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2553

Nintendo 3DS Early Impressions

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E3 10: Ready at Dawn raises the bar for PSP with God of War: Ghost of Sparta

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E3 10: Hands-on with PixelJunk Shooter 2

Shippin' Out June 20-26: Transformers: War for Cybertron

Activision's latest robot action game joined by third episode of Telltale's latest Sam & Max season, and massive MAG update.

With E3 2010 wrapped up and the longest day of the year already over, summer is here. The season is a time for outdoor activities, but here are a few reasons to stay inside.

The war comes home, Cybertron.

One of the week's most prominent new releases is Activision and High Moon Studio's Transformers: War for Cybertron. The third-person-shooter, which takes place on the Transformer home planet of Cybertron, is a prequel to the animated series and features both single-player and multiplayer in adversarial and cooperative form. War for Cybertron comes to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this week. A Wii installment, titled Transformers: Cybertron Adventures, and a DS duo of War for Cybertron Autobots/Decepticon hit stores this week as well.

Coming to the PS3 this week is the first substantial downloadable content for Zipper Interactive's Massive Action Game. The $10 Interdiction add-on brings a new game type, three new maps, a new armor set, and more.

On the point-and-click adventure side of things, Telltale Games releases the third installment in the Sam & Max series this week on PS3, PC, and Mac. The newest episode of The Devil's Playhouse season, titled They Stole Max's Brain!, continues the zany saga of the very unlikely dog and rabbit duo.

On the Xbox Live Arcade, chauvinistic protagonist Duke Nukem returns this week in side-scrolling form. First arriving on the PC in 2002, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project hits XBLA Wednesday and comes with avatar awards.

Additional new releases this week include Mean Girls and Dragon Ball: Origins 2 for the DS and Field and Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge for the Xbox 360.

More information on the week 's game, visit GameSpot' s New Page . Release dates are based on the seller lists, and can be changed.

Puzzle Dimension--PC--Doctor Entertainment
The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts--Wii--Square Enix
The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages--Wii-Square Enix
TNA Impact Cross the Line--PSP--SouthPeak Games

Art of Murder: FBI Top Secret--DS--City Interactive
Dragon Ball: Origins 2--DS--Namco Bandai Games
Field & Stream: Total Outdoorsman Challenge--X360--505 Games
MAG Interdiction--PSN--SCEA
Puzzle Quest 2--DS--D3Publisher
Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse Episode Three: They Stole Max's Brain--PS3, PC, Mac--Telltale Games
Transformers: Cybertron Adventures--Wii-Activision
Transformers: War for Cybertron-Autobots--DS--Activision
Transformers: The War of Cybertron-Decepticon - DS - Activision
Transformers: War for Cybertron--X360, PS3, PC--Activision
WipeOut: The Games--DS, Wii--Activision

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project--XBLA--Microsoft Game Studios
Puzzle Quest 2--XBLA--D3Publisher
RISK: Factions--X360--Electronic Arts

Discovery Kids: Snake Safari--DS--505 Games
Farmtopia--DS--505 Games
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans--PC, Wii, DS--Graffiti Entertainment
Mean Girls--DS--505 Games
My First Dollhouse--DS--505 Games

Read and Post Comments | Get the full article at GameSpot

"Shippin' Out June 20-26: Transformers: War for Cybertron" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Tue, 22 Jun 2010 10:17:49 -0700

Preview: PixelJunk Shooter 2
Who knew the inside of a giant subterranean monster would provide such a great setting for a shooter? The first PixelJunk Shooterabruptly ended with the awakening of a giant beast, which you happen to be trapped in the first number in the continued PixelJunk franchise. Acid, light and darkness -- in addition to lava, water and gas -- are just some of the elements you'll get to play with in this PSN exclusive for PS3.

The short demo I played gave me a chance to play with some of the new elements. Acid works almost exactly as you would expect: it raises the temperature of your ship considerably. However, unlike other fluids, the acid will cling to your ship, continuing to damage it until you rinse yourself in water. It's definitely one of the simpler elements (for now, at least), but the levels do force you to swim through the substance, meaning you'll have to play even more cautiously than in the first.

Much more interesting than the acids play on light and darkness. As in the first Gears of War(Or Black Hole ), staying in darkness for too long will summon a swarm of creatures that instantly destroy the ship. To rescue any marooned scientists, you'll have to figure out ways of getting light into darkened passages: whether it's by flipping switches, destroying rocks, or playing with the other elements. The mechanic lends itself really well in crafting complex puzzles; fans of the first game should be ecstatic.

Gallery: PixelJunk Shooter 2 (E3 2010)

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JoystiqPreview: PixelJunk Shooter 2 originally appeared on JoystiqMon June 21 2010 2:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds .

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Nintendo 3DS Early Impressions
Now that E3 attendees have had a chance to try out the new revision of Nintendo's portable console, critiques of the 3D effect and updated layout are starting to filter in. Opinion thus far has been mostly positive. Wired writes, "The graphics, which are much more advanced than you'd expect from Nintendo, left me pretty much in disbelief. They're on a level with Sony's PSP, probably even a little better than that. But the eye-popping 3-D effect makes everything that much richer." According to the Guardian's Games blog, it works "beautifully." They add, "You can perceive 3D only if the console is directly in front of you, but this is fine for handheld gaming. I actually found it pretty adaptable in terms of viewing from different vertical positions. It was much more sensitive if the handheld was turned slightly to the left or right, but really, it coped perfectly with the slight shifts and jerks you'd get on a morning commute." During Shigeru Miyamoto's annual dev roundtable, he explained how Nintendo felt that particular types of games, such as shooters, benefit more from the 3D effect than others, and how Nintendo hopes to update as many older games as they can to incorporate 3D gameplay in addition to 3D graphics.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

E3 10: Ready at Dawn raises the bar for PSP with God of War: Ghost of Sparta

E3 10: Ready at Dawn raises the bar for PSP with God of War: Ghost of Sparta screenshot

In 2008, when a developer ready at dawn, put an end to the development God of War: Chains of Olympus, it had publicly said it was done with PlayStation Portable development. To drive the point home, it even posted an image of all of its development kits boxed up, getting ready to be shipped out.

Less than two years, the studio announced that it will once again will be bringing Kratos to Sony 's Manual God of War: The Ghost of Sparta . So what gives?

"The dev kits, yeah, they did get sent back," says the game's director, Ready at Dawn's Dana Jan. "It wasn't some PR stunt or anything like that. They got boxed up; that was a real photograph."

But given the game's success and fan demand for a follow-up, Sony soon approached the developer about another God of WarThe name for the CCP. The decision to take on the the project was not that simple. But it was not t 'as it were ready at dawn, was completely against working on a new game in the series - it's just Wasn' t sure if he could top that this was done with Chains of Olympus .

"We like the franchise, we love the character, we like the world that it's created," Jan says. "We like making the game. So when [Sony] said, 'Do you guys want to do another one of these; fans are clamoring for it,' we were like, 'Cool.'"
When it had finished Chains of Olympus, Jan explains that the team still had plenty of ideas, things that just didn't make the already content-packed title. But at some point in development, you have to face the facts -- games are made to be shipped; you can't keep adding features forever.

"If anyone is going to top the game, let's make it be us," Jan explains. "We don't want someone else making a God of War PSP games, so let c 'to do it, and let' s make this the most amazing thing is that nobody has ever seen on PSP. Let 's perfect. We believe that the bar is very, very high, and if he 's will be a challenge, let' to be one to deal with this. "

A challenge, indeed -- Chains of Olympusalready pushing the boundaries of what PSP can do with clear, detailed images that rivaled what we saw on the PlayStation 2. The volume of the game is easy to match the console titles in the series, which came before it. So now, ready for the dawn, was the case raises the bar again. And if T Wasn 'will be able to do so, why?

"To put it simply, the time that it took to put the boxes away and send them back, was the time it took for us to rethink it," says Ready at Dawn founder and vice president Ru Weerasuriya. "I'm not kidding. It took us time after Chains of Olympus to decompress and really think, 'Can we do more?'"

Taking on the new project wasn't just about being able to match the quality of Chains of Olympus; it was about raising the bar again. Too often, Weerasuriya says, you'll see a sequel that just feels like "another iteration," or, as he put it, a "1.X" title. "For us, it was about going back to it because we know we can make it bigger and better," he says.

"Bigger" and "better" is a simple way of putting it. Visually and technically, Ghost of Sparta easily exceeds the work Ready at Dawn did for Chains of Olympus. During a demo of one of the game's opening levels, which takes place during a storm on a massive ship headed for the shoreline city of Atlantis, you can immediately see it in action. The graphics are sharper than ever, and effects like depth of field have been added for extra visual impact. Even in its early stage, Ghost of Sparta looks to be one of the most impressive titles on the PSP to date.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is due out later this year.

"The moral of the story is if you're ever going to ship something away, don't take a picture of it," jokes Jan of the picture seen below, "and don't post it on your website."

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

E3 10: Hands-on with PixelJunk Shooter 2

E3 10: Hands-on with PixelJunk Shooter 2 screenshot

All this week I am going to be giving ridiculously quick hands-on impressions of all the games I see on the E3 show floor. Since I think everything is a little amazing, they will be rated, from least to most favorite: 1 (A Little Amazing!), 2 (Kind of Amazing!), 3 (Pretty Amazing!), 4 (AMAZING!), and 5 (The Most Amazing Thing I Have Ever Seen!).

Okay, I'll do it officially. All I hear? Come closer. PixelJunk Shooter 2 is my game of E3. Granted, there is still a couple of hours left, and I could see something that blows my mind even more, but, so far, I have fallen madly in love with PixelJunk's I-didn't-even-know-this-existed-until-yesterday sequel for the PSN. (And this is coming from someone who thought nothing could top  Kirby's Epic Yarn or Donkey Kong Country Returns.)

It makes me a little sad, because it seems this clever little shooter is being completely ignored by the E3 masses. It doesn't help that it is in a little booth surrounded by LittleBigPlanet 2, PlayStation Move, and 3D games, but, still, that is no excuse! This game is better than all of those hype grabbers! GET TO PLAYING IT, PEOPLE THAT ARE STILL AT E3 AND ARE READING THIS ON YOUR PHONE! YOU ONLY HAVE A COUPLE HOURS LEFT!

If you have played the first outstanding PixelJunk Shooter

What looks like a simple Defender-clone is nothing of the sort. The levels in PixelJunk Shooter 2 are a wonder to play through. In the demo, one had me flying through the belly of a giant beast, dodging purple, harmful bile, all the while trying to navigate small passages to find hidden stashes of healing water. Another level was all dark, the caverns only being lit up by carrying a giant glowing orb with my grappling hook. This variety and attention to detail really make the game stand out.

Oh, and did I mention the game looks great vintage? Well, it does.

I adore this game.

Rating: 5 out of 5 (The Most Amazing Thing I Have Ever Seen!)

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