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Transformers the Game

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Description: Transformers: The Game PSP Protect the Earth or destroy it. The choice is yours! Monitoring results in the fight for Earth this summer with Transformers, the official game of the new animated blockbuster from producer Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay.
  • Protect or destroy the Earth as the TRANSFORMERS war comes to Earth, you must make a choice - protect Earth as Autobots and destroy it as Decepticons. With dual campaigns, the fate of the world is in your hands.
  • Transformation instantly switch from a larger than life robot powerful car to leave enemies in the dust.
  • Delete everything Every object in the game world, including buildings and vehicles may be crushed, thrown destroyed - even as a weapon.
  • The choice of characters Choose among the army of characters Transformers universe and utilize their unique abilities to complete the mission.
  • To fight the various head-to-head battles, engage in melee combat with special moves unique to each character. Of the large distances to use ranged weapons in either Robot mode or Vehicle mode to take out your enemies.
  • PSP (PlayStation Portable) system - Features 20 characters, mostly on any platform, from both the film and previous generations. - Set allows players to change the configuration of their robotic arms using 10 different weapons. - Participate in the head-to-head battles via ad hoc mode.

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    got it for 14-year-old boy who really loves movies, and he loves the game and plays it a lot

    This game was bought for his grandson. He loved her and had no problems with it at all. Thanks

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