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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

[[[Syphon Filter: Logan 's Shadow]]]

  • New submarine missions experience underwater exploration and combat with full 360 degree navigation.
  • Strike with the accuracy of target enemy body parts with an arsenal of more than 55 high-tech weapons and advanced technology vision.
  • New anti transition Use "Blind Fire", to send enemies scurrying home or grab and use them as "Human Shield", to maintain health.
  • Increased melee melee Sending enemies in various ways, including deadly attacks with a knife.
  • Hollywood-Style Production Due to exciting storyline by acclaimed author Greg Rucka (Queen and Country ") and entirely new soundtrack of international recording artist Azam Ali (300).
  • Stunning environment high-resolution textures, detailed animation, combined with the Havoc engine provides a console-caliber graphics on the system PSP.
  • Reliable Internet Experience 4-on-4 multiplayer battles on 8 maps and 5 game modes, plus enhanced community features including player profiles, contacts list, the leaders and took a cell matches.

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    This is a follow up to Dark Mirror and it plays like a real future. Everything that you used
    Dark Mirror of here, and much more. You have cooler weapons, and some are designed for
    south of the confluence of hostilities. Yes, you can go underwater in this adventure, as a single player campaign and
    Multi-player. In a single game, there is an interesting story, conversely, that provides an incentive to
    The protagonist Gabe Logan. You don 't have to play the first game to understand, but it helps. I 'm
    glad they are doing enough to keep you up to speed. I really like the flexibility in the missions. It 's
    not just run and gun. In fact, I discovered that when I use stealth in certain situations, I 'm more
    effective, because it multisites interaction between plasmin warning 'more bad guys at a party. I 'm glad that you have this option.
    Graphics are great, like the first, he really uses the potential of PSP
    a lot of games do not use the '. I would call a player, how nice. I 't remember the last time
    I used that word, but that 's what comes to mind in infrastructure mode. So many levels, from whom purchased
    include some of the first game, including Shanty town. Only this time, it 's flooded so that you can swim
    Evironment in some areas, 's unbelievable!
    He gets all 5 stars, compared to other titles PSP, this is more detail and a lot of fun to be.
    Re-play comes from the Mission mode, or access to the Internet in infrastructure mode. I like fighting with the enemy
    and use it as a human shield. It 's one of the new features you should check out.

    this game is cool. he looked at gay EnterNet, and its fun on the PSP. Logan and 's Shadow of the beast that name. get this one of the best shooting games I 've ever played

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