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Star Wars Battlefront II

[[[Star Wars Battlefront II]]]


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I 've played this game for a while now, and I really like. The spacecraft is actually the best games in general. Depending on the ship choice you make, you can go after the enemy fighters, or you can destroy enemy ships capital.

Land battles fun as well, and you get a variety of terrain to fight for, from cities in the swamp, and everything in between. Do you have a few different choices of weapons, as well as on the basis of class fighter of your choice.

In addition, there are bonuses that can be applied to a spacecraft or ground fighting.

With regard to the negative about this game, I would say that after a while he gets back. You get to play in different directions, but you 're basically fighting over the same planet, except a few.

Apparently, I still think this is a great game and worth the money.

Fast delivery. My 11yr. son loves this game as much as a single fist.

I recommend getting SWB: Renegade Squadron instead. Multi-user version is awesome!

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