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Rumor: Sony to reveal "service PSN +" at E3 2010

05/25/2010 Rumor: Sony to reveal "service PSN +" at E3 2010

Rumor: Sony to reveal

Access to the PlayStation Network for free is cool and all, but what if you can pay? Wouldn t ', that will be huge? Well, according to sources Joystiq 's , A paid version of Sony 's online services - called PSN + - is set to be announced at E3 this year.

In addition, the PSN + subscribers will get a protection plan for their consoles, cross-game voice chat, as well as the potential for cloud-based conservation systems. This service is also said to enable the automatic patching recently played the PS3 titles.

No details on pricing and availability, but one source speculates Joystiq $ 9.99 price. Sony, not surprisingly, is not it 't, commenting on rumors.

Rumor: Sony to reveal PSNplus '\\' subscription at E3 2010 [Joystiq]


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