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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Due this fall

05/22/2010 Phantasy Star Portable 2 Due this fall Released in Japan in December 2009, Alfa-System 's action continued RPG Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP) is on its way to North America and Europe, but when something gets in the autumn of this year, Publisher SEGA announced today.

In contrast to the original Phantasy Star Portable Which featured an autonomous local wireless multiplayer further packages of four people online multiplayer, in addition to the standard single player campaign. "New in-depth storyline, improved fighting system, new weapons and character settings" all on tap, according to SEGA.

\\ "Phantasy Star Portable 2 comes three years after the exciting Phantasy Star Universe Saga, "SEGA said the stories in today 's ...


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