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More Premium Support rumored PSN at E3 2010

05/25/2010 More Premium Support rumored PSN at E3 2010 Last week, the VG247 by history of premium subscription-based version of Sony 's PlayStation Network, which will be revealed at E3 2010. Today, Joystiq has its own history with some new details.

Joystiq refers to numerous sources and believes that the Sony PSN + present at E3 2010 during his press conference. Services "will focus on providing customers additional bonuses without limitation multiplayer online between pay and nonpaying users. '

Additional bonuses are cited:

  • \\ "Access to a rotating list of ministries and PSP PSone Classic"
  • \\ "Exclusive in-game DLC"
  • \\ "Discounts for PlayStation Store"
  • \\ "The first hour '\\' demo access to the full retail titles"
  • PlayStation Protection Plan
  • Cross-game chat
  • Auto-patch for the recently played games
Furth ...


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