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Look for half PlayStation mini Stellar attack does 'bad

05/29/2010 Look for half PlayStation mini Stellar attack does 'bad

PlayStation mini Stellar Attack doesn't look half bad screenshot

We rarely talk about the mini PlayStation. Frankly, many of them look awful, and I say that someone - in general - is always looking for positive results, regardless of how obvious the vast majority of more terrible aspects.

Or am I 'm slipping, or laughing jackal' Star Attack looks pretty neat, in any case, it 's better than things like this . Game inspires Star Control , T name I haven 'have heard referred to years. I 'm telling you this because Aren' t demo for the ministries, sadly enough.

Search Star Attack starting Tuesday, June 1 in the PlayStation Store. At $ 4.49, you shouldn 't be too much risk in circulation. All you have to go, really, the trailer for the PlayStation Blog.

Coming to the PlayStation Ministries: Stellar attack on the PSP and PS3 [PlayStation.Blog]


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